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Benefits of Honors

As a member of the EKU Honors Program, you’ll enjoy many perks and benefits

Travel with Honors

Experiences studying away from EKU are transformative, life-changing, and fun. EKU Honors will do everything possible to support your ability to study abroad or away during your time at EKU.

Support EKU Honors

Many EKU Honors experiences would not be possible without the generous support of friends and alumni. Make a difference in the life of an honors student today.

EKU Honors


Founded in 1988, EKU Honors makes the best intellectual resources at EKU available to a limited group of talented and motivated students.

EKU Honors is designed for students just like you who want an in-depth college classroom experience with a strong grounding in an interdisciplinary, liberal arts education. Whatever your major, you’ll take advantage of our small, innovative classes that can replace some of your general education and university requirements. Before you graduate as an Honors Scholar, you’ll complete an honors thesis on a topic of your choice.

As an EKU Honors student, you’ll get to know your fellow students and professors at our monthly pizza suppers and on trips to local theatre and dance performances, the Louisville opera, and the National Collegiate Honors Council Conference, where more students from EKU present than from any other honors program or college in the nation. In EKU Honors, you’ll make friends that last a lifetime.







Travel &











  • Honors Spring Convocation will take place on Thursday, May 11, 2023 in the Main Ballroom in Keen Johnson, with a reception from 5:00-6:00pm and the ceremony from 6:00-7:30pm. Email for more details.
  • The website “” is¬†not¬†associated with EKU Honors. Joining and paying the membership fee¬†does not¬†make you a member of EKU Honors, nor does membership in any other honor society.


Honors Curriculum

Our honors curriculum paths are personalized to your specific major and educational goals.

  • Honors Maroon Track: Planning to begin EKU Honors in your first semester of college? Get a basic curriculum guide.
  • Honors Gold Track: Planning to begin EKU Honors after your first semester of college?¬†Get a basic curriculum guide.
  • Want to know specifics about how your major, prior credit, and educational goals might shape your EKU Honors experience? Email us at¬†


The mission of EKU Honors is to provide its students with the best intellectual resources available at the university in order to empower them to attain their highest academic and professional goals. We develop the whole student by way of our small, interdisciplinary classes, our support of student research and travel to regional and national conferences, and our offering of a wide variety of cultural and out-of-classroom experiences.


EKU Honors aspires to national recognition as an exemplary program. Our graduates will be successful in their chosen academic and professional paths, as well as informed and responsible citizens in their local communities and the world. We will build on our traditional strengths by extending honors opportunities to broader segments of the EKU student body while continuing to cultivate a spirit of creative and innovative learning and teaching throughout the EKU community.


Here you will find our annual report, where we highlight the achievements of EKU Honors throughout the year.  All documents open in new tabs or windows as PDFs.

Six “E”s of EKU Honors

We use our¬†six “E”s of EKU Honors¬†to guide many of our choices in the honors program. Specifically, we seek students who want to:

  • Engage¬†with their campus community
  • Examine¬†new ideas across disciplinary boundaries
  • Explore¬†opportunities for research and nationally competitive awards
  • Experience¬†new ideas, communities, and cultures
  • Excel¬†as a leader inside and outside of the classroom
  • Enhance¬†their EKU experience through internships, co-ops, and other methods of increasing their employability after graduation

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