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Applying as a Current EKU Student

Each year, we accept current EKU students who want to enter EKU Honors in a semester other than their first semester in college.

The Current EKU Student Application for Spring 2024 is now live. Click here to apply now! The deadline to apply for Spring 2024 admission into EKU Honors is January 1.

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Application Requirements and Process

Admission to EKU Honors is a competitive process. Students with a strong academic background who show the potential for excellence in college coursework are encouraged to apply.

Applicants must submit an online application. Our deadline for current EKU student applications entering the honors program in the spring semester is January 1, and for current EKU students entering the program in the fall semester the deadline is May 1.

Each application is holistically reviewed by a team of honors faculty, staff, and current students, who take into consideration each part of the application, as well as cumulative college GPA. The average cumulative college GPA of current EKU and transfer students is 3.70-3.80. You can apply to EKU Honors before you know your EKU GPA; that information will be updated during application processing.

Once a current EKU student is accepted into the honors program shortly after the application deadline has passed, they will speak with EKU Honors advisor Kevin Watts about registering for honors courses.

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Current Student Honors Curriculum

Students entering the honors program after their first semester in college complete the Honors Gold path, which requires 13-19 credit hours of honors coursework during the rest of their EKU career.

Our honors curriculum paths are personalized to your specific major and educational goals. Email us at to learn more about what your honors curriculum path would look like.

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