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HON 100 Peer Mentors

HON 100 peer mentors work with an instructor in a section of HON 100: Honors Student Success Seminar. Each HON 100 instructor includes their peer mentor in a variety of ways, which may include meeting individually with students, leading a class discussion or reading and grading assignments.

HON 100 peer mentors may earn 1 hour of HON 390 credit for their work. Peer mentors must commit to attending HON 100 class each week and may have additional meetings with their HON 100 instructor. Peer mentors must also complete FERPA training prior to the first day of classes (provided by EKU).

Each spring, HON 100 peer mentors are chosen for the following fall. Follow the instructions below if you’re interested in being a peer mentor for Fall 2023.

  • Contact the HON 100 instructor you’d like to work with and set up a time to talk about being their peer mentor.
  • With your instructor, decide on what your responsibilities as a peer mentor will be in your HON 100 section.
  • Complete the HON 390 Form for HON 100 Peer Mentors, which includes your work plan for earning your HON 390 credit.
  • Email the completed form (including electronic signatures of both you and your instructor) to Kevin Watts no later than August 1, 2023.

HON 100 peer mentors will be registered for one hour of HON 390 by the honors office and receive information on how to complete FERPA training in Summer 2023.

Questions about being a peer mentor for HON 100? Please email Honors Program Assistant Director Kevin Watts.