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Housing & Residence Life 5 Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities

Find Your Circle

Living Learning Communities provide students the opportunity to connect with someone as soon as they arrive on EKU’s campus. LLC’s consist of a group of students with similar majors or interests who live on the same floor or floors of a Residence Hall.

In many cases, students who participate in a Living Learning Community are more likely to stay in college and tend to have higher GPA’s than those who do not participate in these communities. Because of their LLC experience, students are also better able to connect with each other, along with all of the faculty and staff connected with LLC’s. Finally, LLC’s give students the opportunity to explore the region, participate in shared coursework and start the path towards academic success at EKU.

Take a look at all of the living learning community options and look at the LLC Highlights to see what might be a great fit for you.

*LLCs are subject to change year to year.

How to Apply for an LLC


Prospective Students

  • Students interested in participating in LLC’s will indicate interest on their EKU Housing Applications (available when the Housing Application opens).
  • Please follow the instructions on the EKU Housing Application, including the 150 word statement describing your interest in the LLC(s) you selected.
  • Students will begin receiving acceptance e-mails to their EKU e-mail account starting in early Spring on a rolling basis from when the LLC application was submitted.
  • If accepted, you will select a space within your LLC during First-Year Room Selection in May.
  • In order to ensure participation in a LLC for the 2024-2025 academic year, your EKU Housing Application must be complete by April 1.

Current EKU Students

  • LLC Applications are due February 1, 2023 at 11:59 PM. Current students can apply for LLC’s by completing their housing application and paying the $100 Housing Commitment Fee.
  • Choose your LLC on interest on your Housing Application and check your EKU E-mail for acceptance. You must respond to the e-mail to be admitted to the LLC.

If you have any questions, please contact Housing and Residence Life.

Academy Scholars

Previously known as Freshman Academy

Who? For students accepted into the Academy Scholars Program.

What? The Academy Scholars LLC is an interactive learning experience that promotes the retention of all students. It is designed to provide first year students with the information, encouragement and direction they need in order to navigate college life and reach their academic, personal, and professional goals at Eastern Kentucky University.


LLC Highlights

  • This community hosts career building workshops, discussion groups on contemporary topics, and engaging social events.
  • The Academy connects first-year students with their fellow classmates, and introduces them to EKU faculty, staff and student leaders who will provide on-going support throughout their college career at EKU and beyond.

American Sign Language

Who? EKU students or incoming students who can communicate (at least a little) in ASL.

What? Events with ASL faculty, staff, and students to help build a relationship with the department and immerse in the ASL language and Deaf culture.


LLC Highlights

  • Programs focused on connecting students to professionals and alumni in the area, including opportunities to connect with Interpreters in the area to hear about their professional journey
  • ASL Story Night, Mock Interviews for the Interpreter Education Program, Movie Nights, holiday parties and special events.
  • Ability to engage with the American Sign Language Student Association

Colonel's Barracks

Who? Students who are planning to participate in ROTC on campus.

What? Students build strong bonds with fellow cadets and participate in scavenger hunts, physical challenges, and campus leadership opportunities.


LLC Highlights

  • Challenge yourself on the repel tower.
  • Collaborate with and help organize the annual 9/11 Memorial Service and event held in Keene Hall
  • Special events for members of Colonel’s Barracks centered around the values of the Army and what it means to be a member of The Colonel’s Battalion
  • Meet your Military Science and Leadership faculty at the annual ROTC breakfast.

Academic Course

  • Students who participate in the Colonel’s Barracks LLC will have the opportunity to participate in a clustered course with fellow residents.

Colonel Pride

Who? EKU students or incoming students interested in living in and advocating for a safe environment for gender identity, gender expression, and sexuality.


Who? Students who are majoring in education.

What? Informational events/activities related to education (ex. Emotional support animals supporting students, meeting and learning the roles of College of Education faculty members, etc.) and fun activities with your learning community members (plant your own cacti, paint your own clipboard, movie nights, etc.)


LLC Highlights

  • Workshops solely for Education majors focused on what it takes to be a successful first-year student in the major
  • Informational events related to education where members of the learning community learn further about topics specific to them as an education major and future educator.

Academic Course

  • Students who participate in the Education LLC will have the opportunity to participate in a clustered course with fellow residents.

First Colonels

Who? First-generation college students (first to come to college in their family)

What? EKU is committed to your success as a First Generation college student. The First Colonels LLC team helps students navigate your first year of college and will help you connect to resources on campus. We regularly communicate important dates and programs that are coming up, help you network with various departments on campus, and begin to build a support system.


LLC Highlights

  • We do social and academic events. In the past, we have had mixers, snack and chats, and have set up a dinner with faculty and staff who were also First Generation college students.
  • Academic support workshops including time management, study strategies, test anxiety, stress management, and more.
  • Ability to connect with fellow First Generation students and faculty/staff at EKU committed to the success of First Generation students.
  • Residents have the option to connect with mentors from a variety of academic departments and programs at EKU as well as peer mentors.

Flight Deck

Who? For students accepted into the Aviation Program in the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics or Department of Applied Engineering and Technology.

What? The Flight Deck LLC is a unique opportunity for Aviation students to live and learn together during their time at EKU.


LLC Highlights

  • Annual events at the Madison County Airport, giving students the opportunity to connect with professionals and faculty members in the Aviation department
  • Trips and behind the scenes tours of various airports/aviation spots in the surrounding area (previous trips have included the Louisville International Airport)
  • Meet and Greet with a variety of aviation experts
  • Movie night at the Central Kentucky Regional Airfield
  • Free tutoring services provided in Clay Hall, with a focus on courses for Aviation students

Academic Course

  • Students who participate in Flight Deck will have the opportunity to participate in a clustered course with fellow residents.


Who? Students majoring in Forensic Science at EKU

What? This LLC helps connect Forensic Science students to faculty they may not meet until later in their college careers, and is a great place to find study groups and social events based around Forensic Science.


LLC Highlights

  • Monthly Sherlock Seminar Series in the residence hall and hosted by Forensic Science faculty and professionals in the field
  • Opportunities to visit forensic and crime labs across the region
  • Yearly semester kick off cookout
  • Relax with movie nights
  • Special events at the Forensic Science Crime House, including a Murder Mystery Night, and events with the Forensic Science student club

Academic Course

  • Students who participate in the ForSci LLC will have the opportunity to participate in a clustered course with fellow residents.

Health Sciences

Who? Anyone planning to major in an area under the College of Health Sciences.

What? The Health Sciences LLC is unique to students learning and interests in the health sciences, we want to assist your transition to college and finding the major that is right for you. If you are interested in the health and wellbeing of yourself and others then this is the LLC for you. The HSLLC prides itself on faculty focus, personal and one on one interactions to assist in learning, advising and registration, and finding the perfect major and career path!


LLC Highlights

  • Trips across campus and the Richmond/Lexington communities to connect with professionals and alumni from the College of Health Sciences
  • Opportunities to visit practice labs with faculty and staff to get hands-on experience
  • Special study groups and tutors in the residence hall specializing in College of Health Sciences courses and Gen Ed’s

Academic Course

  • Students who participate in the Health Sciences LLC will have the opportunity to participate in a clustered course, HSO 100, with fellow residents.


Who? Any student who has been accepted to the EKU Honors Program. Students may apply for EKU Housing and the Honors LLC before they receive their official acceptance to EKU Honors.

What? The Honors LLC provides honors students the opportunity to live and learn together in a tight-knit community. Housed in Burnam Hall and Martin Hall, the Honors LLC provides specific programs and activities for honors students, allowing these students to get connected to EKU as soon as they set foot on campus.


LLC Highlights

  • RAs who are honors students and have been through the same honors experiences, providing guidance and mentorship.
  • Interest groups created by RAs with buy-in from residents to provide programming in a wide variety of areas (cooking, crafts, outdoor activities, gaming, etc.)
  • Monthly “Honors Hour” events hosted by honors program faculty and staff on a topic of importance to the honors community.

Academic Course

  • Students who live in the Honors LLC have the opportunity to participate in a clustered course with fellow residents.

Justice and Safety

Who? Students with majors in the College of Justice and Safety (Justice Studies and Safety, Security, and Emergency Management)

What? The Justice and Safety Living Learning Community provides students the opportunity to live on the same floor as other students in their major. Through unique opportunities, coursework and fun events, these students form a close-knit community with each other and faculty/staff from the College of Justice and Safety. We would love to have you check out our Justice and Safety LLC.


LLC Highlights

  • Monthly opportunities to connect with faculty and staff members in the College of Justice Safety
  • Activities connecting students with College of Justice and Safety alumni and professionals in the field
  • Annual events such as the 9/11 Tribute (traditional event at EKU) and a welcome back BBQ
  • Trips to various Justice and Safety sites in the Kentucky/Ohio/Tennessee region
  • Spring career fair opportunities for our Justice and Safety majors. This College Career Fair has over 40 local, state and federal attendees to recruit our students every March. This is a great networking opportunity for internships and co-ops.
  • We offer advising and tutoring, guest speaker lectures and much more!

Academic Course

  • Students who participate in Justice and Safety LLC will have the opportunity to participate in a clustered JSO 101 course with fellow residents.


Who? Students who are members of the NOVA program at EKU

What? The NOVA Living Learning Community provides a “home” for students admitted to the NOVA Program. Students who live in the NOVA LLC have the unique ability to connect closely with Residence Life and NOVA staff members, as well as form a close bond with other NOVA students. By living in the NOVA LLC, you are steps away from the NOVA headquarters!


LLC Highlights

  • Connect with your fellow NOVA students at paint nights, trivia, and other fun events!
  • “Adulting 101” workshops are held to discuss every day life problems.
  • Community service opportunities available.
  • Free tutoring services in the residence hall lobby

Outdoor Pursuits

Who? Students interested in Recreation and Park Administration or who simply enjoy spending time outdoors.

What? The Outdoor Pursuits Living Learning Community is a collaboration between the Office of Residence Life, Campus Recreation and the Department of Recreation and Park Administration. Outdoor Pursuits provides residents with the opportunity to engage in the larger Richmond, Lexington and Kentucky communities and experience all the outdoors has to offer.


LLC Highlights

  • Learn about wilderness survival skills, compete in wall climbing challenges, and take trips to surrounding scenic hikes with your fellow LLC residents.
  • Opportunity to participate in an Outdoor Pursuits-only trip through Campus Recreation’s Adventure Programs
  • Monthly programming that allows students to connect with each other and faculty/staff from across EKU

PGA Golf Management

Who? Any student accepted into the Professional Golf Management program in the College of Business

What? The PGM Living Learning Community is a partnership between the Office of Residence Life and the PGA Golf Management Program. The PGM LLC provides students with the opportunity to live with others in their program, while also providing students with the ability to connect with various faculty, staff, and golf professionals.


LLC Highlights

  • Weekly golf competitions at the Arlington Golf and Country Club.
  • Opportunities to connect and engage with faculty members in the PGA Golf Management Program.
  • Alumni networking events as well as fun social opportunities, like the Masters Watch party.
  • Activities in the residence hall focused on success as a member of the PGA Golf Management Program, including resume reviews with alumni and connections with internship opportunities.

Academic Course

  • Students who participate in the PGM LLC will have the opportunity to participate in a clustered course (BTO 101) with fellow residents.


Who? For students majoring/minoring in degree programs in Construction Management, Engineering Technology Management, and Manufacturing Engineering programs.

What? The new Engineering LLC will be home to our students enrolled in the designated programs from the School of Engineering, Aviation, Construction, and Technology. Students who live in the LLC will attend special events with their faculty and staff, and form close bonds with their classmates in this developing community.

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