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EKU History Programs

Over the past decade or more I have often fielded the same two questions you probably have heard or asked yourself. “Why study history?” is the first one, and it is typically followed by “What can you do with a history degree?” I am never afraid to answer that first question with a resounding, “because history is fascinating!” Yes, we have all heard the clichés about those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it, but what first leads us to this path is our passion for a subject, an event, a person, or a particular place. We study history because we love it.

What if I told you that you can study a subject you love and, in the process, develop all of the skills you need to succeed whether you enter into teaching or any other field? History is a discipline that requires you to read critically, write clearly, think broadly, and question deeply. In learning how to study the past you develop skills that not only allow you to understand the past but also make you better fit to tackle the present. What can you do with a major in History? Take a look at some of the possible career paths listed below to see the varied answers to that question. Each link shows you how a History major or minor, in combination with another discipline or alone, will prepare you to pursue your passion when you leave EKU.

Why History at EKU?

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