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Awards and Scholarships

Spring 2021 KCVS Awards Event

EKU psychology major and Veterans Studies Certificate student Jon Phillips (center) is presented with a 2021 Outstanding Senior Award by SGT Christopher Williams (left) and Dr. Travis Martin (right).

Students in Veterans Studies courses who are pursuing the minor or university-level certificate, or participating in internships or co-operative learning through the Kentucky Center for Veterans Studies are eligible for these awards:

Lorden Co-op Award

“For outstanding performance in an internship or cooperative learning environment”

Spring 2022 Winner

Hannah Woods

Spring 2021 Winner

Samuel Lewis

(The Lorden Award is sponsored by the Department of Psychology and is awarded in memory of the late Dr. Rosanne Lorden, who was a professor in the department.)

KCVS Co-op Award

“For outstanding performance in an internship or cooperative learning environment”

Spring 2022 Winners

  • Abigail Mulkey
  • Allie Goodlett

Spring 2021 Winners

  • Lora Scott
  • Rachael Saltz
  • Jacob Brown

KCVS Leadership Award

“For the ability to motivate and lead others in service of a common cause”

Spring 2022 Winners

  • Raymond Causey
  • Samuel Lewis
  • Kalan Ingram

Spring 2021 Winners

  • Jatana Boggs
  • Madison Burton

KCVS Service Learning Award

“For strength of character and selfless service to the veterans and their families”

Spring 2022 Winners

  • Kalee Northern
  • Amanda Hansford
  • Victoria Class

Spring 2021 Winners

  • LaSheka F. Mason
  • Chesna Stinnett
  • Joanna Marling

KCVS Scholarly Achievement Award

“For critical and creative thinking in the field of Veterans Studies”

Spring 2022 Winners

  • Margaret Stiffler
  • Miya Carmichael
  • Julia Hickey
  • Jessica Crisswell
  • Katherine Brock

Spring 2021 Winners

  • Lacy Justice
  • Samuel Aponte

KCVS Outstanding Senior Award

“For excellence in academic achievement”

Spring 2022 Winners

Gerald Artos Christa Arrington
Leslie McCarty Amber Woolery
Riley Weiter Allison Poynter
Jaclynn Barnhart Joanna Marling
Dewey Smith Alicia O’Bryan
Amanda Hansford  

Spring 2021 Winners

Christian Phillips Allison Poynter
Nancy Arrowood Brittany Cobb
Jon Phillips Jerry Yang
Bryanna Gwinn Donja Burchard
Lorna Martin Jodie Powell

(Students are also recognized by the Department of Psychology, the academic home of the Veterans Studies program.)

KCVS Founders Award

“For vision and dedication as a founding member of the Veterans Studies Alliance”

Spring 2021 Winners

Samuel Aponte Joanna Marling
Nancy Arrowood Lorna Martin
Jatana Boggs Elizabeth Powell
Jacob Brown Alyssa Renderos
Madison Burton Brittany Robertson
Brittany Cobb Rachel Saltz
Samantha Hasty Jamal Sayeed
Grace Hatten Lora Scott
Kalan Ingram Matthew Smith
LaSheka F. Mason Margaret Stiffler
Samuel Lewis Chesna Stinnett
Taylor Love Kendra Watts
Jasmine Little Keyana Williams
Kelly Yelton  

(This award was given only one semester in recognition of those students who banded together to found the first-ever Veterans Studies student organization.)

Many of these awards are cash-bearing and are funded by generous donors who see the value in students going out into the world to make it a better place for veterans and their families. Want to contribute to their success? Consider making a donation to the KCVS Development Fund.