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Hoc est vim afferre, Torquate, sensibus, extorquere ex animis cognitiones verborum, quibus inbuti sumus. Mihi enim satis est, ipsis non satis. Certe nihil nisi quod possit ipsum propter se iure laudari. Id enim volumus, id contendimus, ut officii fructus sit ipsum officium.

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Couple's 65 Collective Years of Service is Recognized on the Campus Beautiful

Among the many faculty and staff who make up the College of Education at Eastern Kentucky University, couple Billy and Nancy Thames dedicated their lives to the teaching profession, with a combined tenure of 65 years working in the College of Education.

EKU Student Nurses Giving Vaccine Shots to Fight COVID-19

Eastern Kentucky University's seventh-semester senior School of Nursing students are getting hands-on experience like no other students in the history of EKU's nursing program have gotten before.

"Twelfth Night, or What You Will" to Premiere at Center for the Arts

EKU's Center for the Arts is returning to hosting live audiences on April 23 with a film from the Appalachian Shakespeare Center at EKU presenting the world premiere of William Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night or What You Will," a puppet film.