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Hoc est vim afferre, Torquate, sensibus, extorquere ex animis cognitiones verborum, quibus inbuti sumus. Mihi enim satis est, ipsis non satis. Certe nihil nisi quod possit ipsum propter se iure laudari. Id enim volumus, id contendimus, ut officii fructus sit ipsum officium.

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Get to Know President David McFaddin

Growing up in Johnson County, Kentucky, David McFaddin knew education would be the catalyst for achieving his dreams. Now as Eastern Kentucky University’s 14th president, Dr. McFaddin knows that the opportunity EKU provides will be the catalyst for transforming students, families and communities across the Commonwealth.

E3 Brings Students Together

Last fall, EKU launched the Exceptional Eastern Experience (E3)—a series of events and programs for students to connect with each other and the campus community.

EKU Exceeds Campaign Goal of $50 Million

The largest and most comprehensive fundraising effort in the history of Eastern Kentucky University (EKU), the Make No Little Plans campaign, has exceeded its $50 million goal. The campaign officially began in 2015, and the public phase launched in September 2019 with a gala at the EKU Center for the Arts.