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Hoc est vim afferre, Torquate, sensibus, extorquere ex animis cognitiones verborum, quibus inbuti sumus. Mihi enim satis est, ipsis non satis. Certe nihil nisi quod possit ipsum propter se iure laudari. Id enim volumus, id contendimus, ut officii fructus sit ipsum officium.

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"Frametown" Documentary Highlights Women Firefighters in Vital Roles

Eastern Kentucky University professor Dr. Scotty Dunlap’s passion for public safety and emergency management lead him to an unusual place, Frametown, West Virginia, for an unusual activity, producing a half hour documentary about a group of female volunteer firefighters in what has traditionally been a male-dominated field.

Ellis Named Foundation Board Chair

Troy Ellis, '87, BBA in Computer Systems Information, has been named chair of the Eastern Kentucky University Foundation Board, replacing outgoing chairwoman Maribeth Berman.

Eastern Hosts College Fair High Schoolers Via Drive Thru

From the safety of their own vehicles on Nov. 13, dozens of potential future Eastern Kentucky University Colonels, some accompanied by parents, received a glimpse into what their experiences might be at the University's regional campuses in Corbin and Manchester.

What's Happening on Campus

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