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Noel Studio 9 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Noel Studio for Academic Creativity?

A: The Noel Studio for Academic Creativity is an integrated support service for writing, communication, and research. In other words, we help you develop and improve your communication projects (e.g. essays, presentations, research papers, visual aids, etc) during what we call consultations. While our primary service is the consultation, we also offer technologically sophisticated spaces conducive to the development of creative and effective communication. For more information about our spaces and technologies, visit About the Space.

Q: What is a Consultation?

A: Consultations are one-on-one and small-group meetings between students and Noel Studio consultants that focus on global issues in communication design such as organization, development, and support. Sessions are highly interactive and encourage critical and creative thinking. Consultations are available both in-person (on the EKU Richmond campus) and online (via Zoom).

Q: Do I have to make an appointment to meet with a Consultant?

A: Appointments are encouraged, but not required. Consultation appointments can be scheduled in advance throughout the semester, including day-of when available; however, same-day appointments may be difficult to accommodate during high-traffic points in the semester (e.g. closer to midterms and finals). If a full hour is not available, consultants will accommodate 30 minute drop-ins/walk-ins on a as-available basis. For more information, visit Policies and Procedures.

Q: Who can schedule an appointment at the Noel Studio?

A: Consultations are available for both graduate and undergraduate students and can provide helpful feedback for excellent and struggling communicators alike.

Q: What should I expect during a consultation?

A: Consultations at the Noel Studio offer friendly, objective feedback to further your project. Our feedback prioritizes organization and ideas before grammar and formatting, though we’re happy to help with those issues, as well. Consultants are trained to ask questions that will help you create new ideas and inspire you to pursue multiple lines of thinking. Consultations aim to help produce ideas that will help you achieve creative, persuasive effects in your communication projects.

Q: What should I bring to the consultation?

A: When you come to the Noel Studio for a consultation there are a few things you should bring in addition to a copy of your paper (either in print, online, or saved to a flash drive). First, make sure that you bring the prompt, related readings, and/or guidelines for the project. This will help the consultant understand the parameters of the assignment so they can provide accurate feedback. Second, bring any notes, outlines, or research that you may have. Having access to these items will help consultants understand where you are in the process and how you can move forward. Finally, it’s also useful to come to the consultation with some ideas, questions, and specific goals. This will help make sure that you get the most out of your time and leave the Noel Studio satisfied.

Q: What kind of projects will the Noel Studio consult?

A: Noel Studio consultants are trained to work with a variety of communication projects, including essays, speeches, power points/prezis, visual aids, websites, and posters. Students can bring assignments from any class or subject, whether it’s ENG 101 or PSY 401. In short, if it’s communication, we can help.

Q: What if I can’t make it to my scheduled consultation?

A: We ask that if you cannot make it to your appointment, to call and let us know. Our receptionists are always happy to reschedule your appointment for a later date or time if possible. The Noel Studio does reserve the right to suspend consultation privileges if you do not show up to 5 or more consultations without warning.

Q: Is the Noel Studio a proofreading/editing service?

A: Our consultations involve an engaged, active exchange between consultant and student. We are here to help you improve, not do the work for you. We expect students to be engaged in each consultation, sharing ideas willingly with us, asking questions, and, of course, coming prepared for each session. To this end, we will not edit or proofread student papers. Instead, we will employ modeling and other strategies to help you recognize issues in your own communication products. As such, you must attend your consultation; we cannot offer feedback on or edit your project without you present.

Q: What can I do at the Noel Studio?

A: The Noel Studio offers space for students to work alone, in small groups, or with a highly-trained consultant to brainstorm, draft, or refine communication projects in an interactive, high-energy environment. It features multiple high-tech and low-tech spaces to accommodate diverse learning styles, communication projects, and collaborative groups. Spaces are designed so that you can move furniture to create your own ideal environments for designing effective communication.

Q: How can I use different Noel Studio spaces for my communication projects?

A: The Noel Studio offers a variety of different spaces where you can work on your projects. Our Breakout Spaces and Practice Rooms are private areas where you can work on group or individual projects. Each area is equipped with computers, whiteboards, and audio-visual recording equipment. We have a media wall where you can interact with multiple components of your communication projects at once on large, touch-screen monitors and smaller display screens. You can also connect a laptop to one of the smaller, additional screens and use it in collaboration with the large, touch-screen monitor to allow contributions from all group members. Finally, the Noel Studio Invention Space offers an area where you can brainstorm ideas visually on wall-to-wall dry-erase boards. For more information, visit About the Space.

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