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Noel Studio 9 Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Appointments vs. Drop-ins

Appointments can be scheduled in advance or same-day, but are always scheduled for one hour to guarantee students adequate time to make progress on their communication products; appointments are never to exceed one hour.

While appointments are encouraged, consultants can accommodate same-day drop-ins on an as-available basis. Drop-ins can be accomodated in 30-60 minute slots (depending on consultant availability), and can only be scheduled same-day (never in advance) by our desk staff in person in the Noel Studio, via phone at (859) 622-7330, and/or via the chat box available on our homepage.

PLEASE NOTE: Our online booking system will not allow students to schedule their own online consultation unless a full hour is available/open following the selected start time for the appointment. Consultation availability is broken down into 15-minute increments, which means that you must have at least four white blocks in a row to schedule an appointment; otherwise, you will receive an error message stating the selected time is already booked or otherwise unavailable.

Late Arrivals

Please check your scheudle to ensure you can arrive on time for your consultation. Appointments are canceled if a student is 15 minutes late; because they are shorter slots, drop-ins are canceled if a student is 10 minutes late.

Projects per Consultation

Consultations are limited to one assignment or project per consultation.

Consultation Limits

Students can have only two meetings (appointment or drop-in) per day for the same assignment or project. These meetings must be at least 4 hours apart, with a different consultant, and the student must put in work toward incorporating feedback from the first meeting prior to the second meeting.

Students working on multiple assignments or projects can have up to 3 meetings (appointments and/or drop-ins) per day (not per assignment/project) without the 4-hour buffer required for working on the same assignment or project; however, all three meetings must be with a different consultant.

Consultants are not permitted to work with the same student more than once per day and no more than twice per week, even when working on a different assignment or project. A Noel Studio administrator will move duplicate mettings to another consultant when possible; when not possible, the second meeting will be canceled.

Proof of Consultation

Throughout your consultation, your consultant will record notes of the session on a form called a Record of Consultation (or RoC), which will be emailed as a PDF attachment to your official EKU email via our online booking system within 24 hours of your consultation. The RoC serves as your “proof of consultation” in the Noel Studio; it is the student’s responsibility to share this proof with their instructor as necessary. Noel Studio staff will NOT sign or otherwise fill out or complete any non-Studio paperwork (e.g. checklists).

Appointments for Small Groups

We welcome small groups to use Noel Studio spaces and online consultations. When scheduling an appointment for a consultation, one student should schedule the consultation through our online booking system. The student who schedules the consultation will be responsible for ensuring their groupmates know the date, time, and location (in-person or online) of and their consultation; for online consultations, this student will also be responsible for ensuring their groupmates receive the Zoom link to the online consultation and/or a copy of the RoC.


Our primary service is the consultation, which involves an engaged, active exchange between consultant and student. We expect students to be engaged in each consultation, sharing ideas willingly with us, asking questions, and, of course, coming prepared for each session. To this end, we will not edit or proofread student papers. Instead, we will employ modeling and other strategies to help you recognize issues in your own communication products.

Predicting Grades

We will never predict grades during consultations. You should not ask us to assign a grade to an assignment. The Noel Studio exists to complement instruction that takes place in the classroom; the instructor is the only person who can provide grade-related information.


The Noel Studio is a technologically sophisticated space and has a support staff that maintains our technology on a daily basis. When technology presents a challenge, our support staff members and consultants will do their best to help remedy the issue swiftly. Consultants are trained to use the technology in our space; however, they are not technology or software experts, and are therefore not able to fix issues related to technology in student projects. Consider visiting the IT GEEKS for assistance with technology.

Acceptable Behavior in the Noel Studio

The Noel Studio reserves the right to refuse service (e.g., consultations) and/or usage of the facility to any visitor exhibiting signs of violence, aggression, or rudeness; who bullies or harasses staff members or other visitors; or who otherwise violates any University policies, including but not limited to those outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. Inappropriate behavior in the space and/or in online consultations or chat will be reported immediately to a Noel Studio or Libraries administrator. Consultations/chats will be canceled and visitors will be asked to leave immediately.


The Noel Studio is a vibrant, active, and collaborative space. The Noel Studio is not intended for quiet study; Crabbe Library offers quiet study spaces on the fourth floor. Desk consultants will monitor the space for noise-related issues and reserve the right to notify students if issues arise.

Academic Dishonesty

Students must be present for consultations. Consultations are most beneficial when students are fully engaged. Thus, students may not send friends or classmates to have a consultation for a text that they have composed. Furthermore, students should not seek consultations for take-home exams or other projects when explicitly instructed not to seek assistance. The Noel Studio will not participate in an act that violates academic integrity policies. Issues of academic dishonesty will be reported to Eastern Kentucky University’s Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards

Room Usage

Breakout Spaces 1 and 2 and Presentation Practice Rooms 1, 2, and 3 can be reserved for no more than two (2) hours at a time. Students are welcome to ask for a second two-hour reservation at the end of the first reservation (assuming the room has not been reserved by someone else). The Noel Studio reserves the right to cancel non-consultation related reservations in favor of consultatations that need a private space (e.g., presentation practice).

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