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Transferring Coursework from Out-Of-State Schools

Eastern Kentucky University accepts credits transferred from other colleges and universities whose accreditation is recognized by the US Department of Education. As completely as possible, EKU will apply these credits to your degree program.

Basic Proficiencies

Students transferring to EKU with an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Sciences, Associate of Science in Nursing, or equivalent degree should be considered proficient in the three basic skill areas of English (writing), mathematics, and reading. This precludes any necessity of taking developmental (090 & 095 level) courses in those basic skill areas.

Conversion of Quarter Credits to Semester Credits

Some institutions are on a “quarter” system with typical class lengths of 10 weeks. EKU is on a “semester” system with fall and spring term classes lasting 16 weeks.

Converting your quarter credits to semester credits is a simple mathematical calculation that does not cause a loss of credit. If transferring from a quarter system school, multiply your credits by two-thirds (2/3) to obtain the equivalent semester credits. For example, 5 quarter credits X 2/3 = 3.3 semester credits.

Transfer Courses to Meet EKU General Education Requirements

A transfer course from outside of Kentucky or from a Kentucky private school may be used to meet EKU General Education requirements.

The transfer student should complete the information below and attach proof that the course(s) listed below was approved to meet general education requirements at their previous institution.

Example of acceptable documentation: copies of pages from the transfer institution’s catalog with a
description of the transfer course, with clear indication that the course is a general education course (or the
equivalent) at that institution.

To submit a general education re-evaluation request, please use this form from the EKU Registrar.

Phone: 859-622-2320
Fax: 859-622-8031