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WGS 132 Introduction to the Family. 3 credit hours. Ecological and systems approach applied to public and private family concepts; historical changes and current status; relationships among individuals, families, consumers, and communities; status of women, men, children, and the elderly; public policy related to changes in the family. Cross-listed as CDF 132.

WGS 201 Intro to Women and Gender Studies. 3 credit hours. Introduction to interdisciplinary field of women and gender studies and feminist scholarship. Provides overview of the diversity of women’s experiences, images, and issues from a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives. Gen Ed E-6. Required for WGS minor/certificate. 

WGS 205 Sexualities and Social Issues. 3 credit hours. An examination of the diversity of sexuality and related social issues in the United States and globally. Topics include culture, history, law, mass media, politics, and religion. Gen Ed E-6. Cross-listed as SOC 205.

WGS 300 Topics in Women and Gender Studies. 3 credit hours. Intensive study of selected topics related to recognizing and validating the experience of women and their contributions to society. May be retaken for a maximum of six hours provided the topics are different.

WGS 303 Women in American History. 3 credit hours. Social, economic, and cultural role of women in America. Women’s work; social position and status; women in reform movements; feminism and the suffrage movements; the new feminism. Cross-listed as HIS 303.

WGS 304 Gender Perspectives on Contemporary Terrorism. 3 credit hours. An interdisciplinary look at contemporary terrorism and U.S. policy. Analyzing the perception of women in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world, with particular focus on American, Iraqi, Afghan, Palestinian, and Muslim women. Credit will not be awarded for both WGS 304 and WGS 300 Special Topics: Gender Perspectives on Contemporary Terrorism.

WGS 306 Masculinity and Popular Culture. 3 credit hours. Prerequisite: ENG 102 or 105 (B) or HON 102. Exploration of images and ideals of men and masculinity as they have evolved in popular culture due to race, class, culture, age, and sexuality.

WGS 308 Trans Studies. 3 credit hours. Prerequisite: ENG 102 or 105 (B) or HON 102. Introduction to emerging field of Trans Studies through exploration of Trans history, identities, experiences, politics, and culture in the contemporary U.S. Credit will not be awarded for WGS 308 and WGS 300 Special Topics: Intersexuality & Transsexuality.

WGS 309 Women and Trauma. 3 credit hours. Prerequisite: ENG 102 or 105 (B) or HON 102. A study of contemporary psychological trauma theories with analysis of historical and contemporary representations of trauma in film, fiction, poetry, and American culture.

WGS 311 Biology of Sex. 3 credit hours. Fundamental principles related to human sexual reproduction. Structure, function, control, and coordination of the human reproductive system. Problems associated with fertility, sexuality, birth control, STDs, and human population will be discussed. Cross-listed as BIO 305.

WGS 331 Marriage and Intimate Relationships. 3 credit hours. The process within and types of intimate relationships in contemporary times. Topics include singlehood, partner selection, marriage, divorce, remarriage, long-term enduring marriage, and factors which affect the success of intimate relationships. Cross-listed as CDF 331.

WGS 344 Violence Against Women. 3 credit hours. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing. Explores the social character of violence against women. A variety of theories are utilized to examine this phenomenon at the individual, organizational and societal levels. Cross-listed as CRJ 344.

WGS 349 Applied Learning in Women and Gender Studies. 5 to 8 credit hours. Prerequisite: departmental approval. Work in job placements related to Women’s Studies. Minimum of 80 hours employment required for semester hour credit.

WGS 349 A-N Cooperative Study: Women and Gender Studies. 5 to 8 credit hours. Prerequisite: departmental approval. Work in job placements related to Women and Gender Studies. Minimum of 80 hours employment required for semester hour credit.

WGS 364 Women’s Literature. 3 credit hours. Prerequisite: ENG 102 or 105 (B) or HON 102. Study of selected literature by women writers from varying cultures, genres, and periods. Cross-listed as ENG 364. Gen Ed E-6.

WGS 365 Women, Gender, and Religion. 3 credit hours. A study of the intersections between feminism and the social impact of religion throughout the world with particular emphasis on the relationship between religion and gender, sexuality, and body politics. Cross-listed as REL 365.

WGS 366 Queer Theory and Literatures. 3 credit hours. Prerequisite: ENG 102 or 105 (B) or HON 102. Examination of trends in Queer Theory; study of major contributors to the field such as Foucault, Butler, and Sedgwick; application of theoretical models to literary and cinematic texts. Credit will not be awarded to students who have credit for ENG 366. Gen. Ed. E-6.

WGS 378 Black Women in History. 3 credit hours. Examines the lives of African American women from slavery to the present with emphasis on the impact of race, gender, and class issues on their multi-faceted lives as women in America. Cross-listed as AFA 378.

WGS 380 Women and Work in the U.S. 3 credit hours. Prerequisite: ENG 102 or 105 (B) or HON 102. A survey view of occupational science and sociological constructs related to women’s work. Includes content on family-work linkages, gendered organizations, and public policies in the workplace. Cross-listed as OTS 380.

WGS 399 Gender and Society. 3 credit hours. Emphasis on the relationship between the social construction of gender and the experiences of people of all genders in society. Consideration of the cultural and historical construction of gender and identity. Cross-listed as SOC 399.

WGS 400 Feminist Theory and Practice. 3 credit hours. Prerequisite: WGS 201 or departmental approval. Examines development of feminist theory and its implications for continuing feminist scholarship. Includes research project in student’s major. Required for WGS minor/certificate. Offered only in the fall semester.

WGS 420 The Psychology of Women and Gender. 3 credit hours. Prerequisite: PSY 200. Psychological theory and research about important facets of girls’ and women’s lives from birth through old age. Cross-listed as PSY 420.

WGS 446 The Politics of Sex. 3 credit hours. The effect of sex on social and political institutions, public policies, and court rulings. Issues may include pornography, sexual and gender discrimination, domestic violence, reproductive rights, and gay rights. Cross-listed as POL 446.

WGS 451 Principles and Politics of Human Rights. 3 credit hours. Examines politics of human rights in theory and in practice. Cross-listed as POL 451.

WGS 495 Independent Study: Women and Gender Studies1-5 credit hours. Prerequisite: departmental approval. Study of a special topic in Women and Gender Studies. Student must have the independent study proposal form approved by the faculty supervisor and department chair prior to enrollment. May be retaken to a maximum of ten hours.

WGS 591 Women’s Health3 credit hours. Analysis of the major health problems of contemporary women with a special emphasis on health promotion, disease prevention, and consumer health concerns. Cross-listed as HEA 591/791.

WGS 592 Human Sexuality. 3 credit hours. Study of the biological, social, and psychological aspects of human sexuality. Directed primarily toward those individuals in situations which require them to assist others in understanding the broad impact of one’s sexuality. Emphasis is placed upon student development of logical and reasoned justifications for their own value system. Cross-listed as HEA 592/792.

WGS 593 Death and Grief. 3 credit hours. A study of attitudes, behaviors, and issues concerning death and grief. Topics include responses to death and grief throughout the life cycle; process of grief and bereavement; theology and death; legal aspects of dying; care of the dying; suicide; post-mortem care; death education. Cross-listed as HEA 593/793.

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