I Believe in You

Congratulations on making one of the most important decisions of your lifetime. When I was at the same point in my life’s journey, I had to decide between Eastern Kentucky University and another institution. I chose EKU and have never regretted making that decision. The EKU I attended was a caring place where faculty and staff were dedicated to my success with genuine interest in me as an individual. They believed in me sometimes more than I believed in myself. But most significantly, they helped bring about a life-changing experience – one that transformed me into a critical and creative thinker with the ability to communicate effectively.

I love Eastern Kentucky University for what she did for me. What drives me today is the desire to keep alive the Essential Eastern and the Power of Maroon, which make this such a special place. Make plans to visit EKU in person soon, in Richmond or at one of the Regional Campuses or Higher Education Centers, to discover for yourself why EKU is so special. Then choose EKU. You will never regret it.

President Doug Whitlock

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