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Out-of-State Rate

Looking to go away for college? The Out-of-State Rate offers undergraduate students an amazing opportunity: Attend Eastern Kentucky University for less than attending many schools in your home state.

$10,900 Annual Tuition

All undergraduates from any U.S. state entering EKU for the Fall of 2023 term or after are eligible for the Out-of-State tuition rate of $10,900 per year. When combined with EKU’s affordable housing rates and meal plans, your total cost of attendance is lower than many schools in your home state, allowing you to pay less for an educational experience that is second-to-none.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there limitations to the Out-of-State Rate?

The Out-of-State Rate is not available to fully online or graduate students. Students have to accept the out Out-of-State discount and meet a renewal GPA. For more information, please visit

Is the Out-of-State Rate available to transfer students?

Out-of-state transfer students may transfer to EKU and receive the Out-of-State tuition rate. Transfer students receiving the Out-of-State Rate are not eligible for other transfer scholarships but may qualify for federal aid as well as departmental scholarships and foundation scholarships offered by EKU. Learn more at International students who transfer to EKU from another college or university in the United States are also eligible for the Out-of-State Rate.

What other financial aid is offered?

High achieving out-of-state students may also qualify for out-of-state merit scholarships. Find out if you qualify for an additional merit award with our Net Price Calculator, and check out our online scholarship resource page for guidance on how to find other scholarships.

All students may qualify for federal aid as well as departmental scholarships and foundation scholarships offered by EKU.

How long will I receive the Out-of-State Rate?

As long as you meet Satisfactory Academic Progress and stay enrolled as a full-time student each semester, you will be eligible for the Out-of-State Rate. You must remain continuously enrolled (fall and spring semesters) at EKU until you complete your first undergraduate degree. If you qualify for and accept a Smart Scholar award, the scholarship portion will expire after 8 consecutive semesters (fall and spring).