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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Frequently Asked Questions


What do we do if we have a problem with our room?

Reach out to your assigned Resident Assistant (RA) about any concerns or questions you have about your room.  

How do you apply to live in a new room?

Applying for a new room can be started at the EKU Housing website. First, you should talk to your resident assistant (RA) and/or Resident Hall Coordinator (RHC)

How do we file a complaint on a roommate?

Review your roommate contract and tell your concerns to your assigned resident assistant, they have been trained to help navigate issues with your roommate.


What are the hours for upstairs and downstairs Powell?

Check for updated dining hall hours at

What is the best place to eat?

Campus and Richmond offer a lot of different places to eat. Here is a list of options to mention.


Where do commuters and residents park?

There are designated parking areas for both  commuters (brown), residents (blue) and freshman (green). Always check for signs that indicate who can park in which lot. You can check the parking campus map at

 What happens if you are running late because of the distance between classes?

When scheduling classes always check to see how far you will have to go between back-to-back classes. If possible, try to avoid scheduling classes that are far away from each other.  Most locations on one side of campus are within 15 minutes walking distance.  If you are traveling from Stratton, for example, to a building like Wallace, you should allow 30 minutes.  You can also use the shuttles.

Getting around on campus

How do I avoid getting lost going between classes?

There are maps placed around campus to let you see where you are in relation to other buildings. If you are lost don’t be afraid to ask any staff member or fellow students for direction. You can also use Google maps and other apps.

 How do I avoid being late to class if I do not know where they are on the first day?

Before the semester starts, walk around campus to familiarize yourself with the buildings and rooms your classes will be in. This will also allow you to see how long it takes to get one class to another.

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