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How to Join

There are several ways to join Eastern Kentucky University Army ROTC.  Any student may enroll in EKU’s Army ROTC program by registering for a Military Science and Leadership course (Ex. MSL 101, 102, 201, 202). There are no minimum requirements to join the ROTC program. In order to receive scholarships, stipends and other financial benefits from the Army ROTC program, students must meet certain criteria and standards, which may lead to contracting with the Army ROTC program.

Below, are several links that will help you through the process. Click the one that pertains to you for more information. If you are interested in scholarship opportunities, each site will have information on potential scholarships based on your background and status.

Review the Scholar – Athlete – Leader Criteria and do a self-assessment. Keep in mind students do not need to meet the SAL criteria. However, SAL criteria can be used for scholarship packets.

Students must meet the minimum criteria below in order to contract with EKU’s Army ROTC program, which leads to commissioning as a Second Lieutenant.  Participating students can continue to take ROTC courses as GEN ED requirements and leadership experience. NO OBLIGATION TO THE MILITARY!!

Basic requirements for contracting with ROTC include: *Any student may join the Army ROTC program*

  1. Minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.0 (high school GPA is used until a college GPA is established)
  2. *NO ACT/SAT score required*
  3. Be medically qualified via a Department of Defense Medical Evaluation Review Board
  4. Have no civil convictions
  5. Be considered a full-time student (12-credit hours for Undergraduate) (9-credit hours for Graduate)
  6. Be considered an academic Sophomore AND have 6-semesters remaining or 4-semesters remaining
  7. Be approved by the Professor of Military Science
  8. Be in an approved major
  9. Be a U.S. Citizen


I am a:

  1. High School Student
  2. Current Undergraduate
  3. Graduate Student
  4. Army Reserve Enlisted Soldier
  5. Army National Guard Enlisted Soldier
  6. Active Duty Enlisted Soldier

How Can Army ROTC benefit me?

Army ROTC will add to your successes during college, during your military career, and when you enter the civilian world. As a cadet in our program, you will gain skills that will prepare you to be a successful leader in every aspect. These skills will be quite beneficial and will impressive on a resume. All these things are nice, but the opportunity to serve your country is one of the most honorable choices a man or woman can make.

Army ROTC may also pay for your college as well as provide a monthly stipend which will help you with everyday costs.

After graduation, a Cadet commissions as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army as either an active duty, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard officer. Cadets will commission into one of the 16 basic Army officer branches:

Infantry Military Intelligence
Armor Chemical Corp
Field Artillery Finance
Air Defense Artillery Medical Service
Aviation Ordinance
Corps of Engineers Adjutant General
Signal Corps Quartermaster
Military Police Transportation

For more information on what opportunities there are after graduation, visit here.

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