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Aviation 5 Private Pilot Certification

Private Pilot Certification

Professional Flight students may earn their private pilot certificate prior to beginning the EKU flight program. While the program is designed to accommodate students with no previous flight experience, early completion of the private certificate can have several advantages for the student. Some of these advantages include:

  • Completion of Private is a great confidence booster for the student and demonstrates to the student’s family a level of commitment to study and do the work required to be successful.
  • Completion of Private puts the student one year ahead in their flight training. The benefit of this a greater likelihood the student will earn their Certified Flight Instructor rating earlier in their collegiate career and begin building their flight time (towards 1,000 hours) as a flight instructor before they graduate from EKU.
  • From a financial perspective, completion of Private will help to “spread out” the flight fees associated with flight training, which can be beneficial to the student and family.

Student who have earned their private certificate prior to enrollment must provide documentation to the Flight Training Center during their assigned orientation.

For additional information, contact the Aviation Office at 859-622-1014.


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