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Aviation 5 Regulations


VA Regulations

Any student using GI Bill® benefits and enrolling in an aviation course must be registered before the published add/drop deadline of each course. This restriction includes flight labs as well as lecture courses. Adding an aviation course after the published add/drop deadline will result in course tuition and fees not being fully funded by the VA and can create a debt for the student.

Students using GI Bill® benefits to fund an aviation course must complete each course and/or flight lab within nineteen (19) weeks of their initial flight event; failure to do so will result in the student being assigned a grade of NC (No Credit). Students using GI Bill® benefits must repay to the VA the cost of any course in which a grade of NC is earned.

For more information, contact the EKU Coordinator for Military & Veteran Affairs at 859-622-7931 or email.


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