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Aviation 5 Safety


Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

The participation of EKU students and faculty is paramount to the overall success of the SMS. Every individual is responsible for communicating any information that may affect the integrity of flight or ground operations. Everyone may contribute to the safety of our flight and ground operations by utilizing the SMS Confidential Reporting Program to share important safety information.

What is SMS?

EKU Aviation is committed to the safest airport and flight training operation standards possible. The Safety Management System (SMS) at EKU is an innovative, proactive and systematic approach to managing safety that is integral to all ground and flight operations with the objective of achieving and maintaining the highest levels of safety standards and performance. EKU students and faculty are the key resource to the success of the SMS. All employees are encouraged to the report any accidents, incidents and hazardous conditions and behaviors as soon as possible.

EKU SMS Manual

SMS Confidential Reporting Program

The SMS Confidential Reporting Program provides for uninhibited reporting of existing and potentially hazardous conditions and occurrences at the airport, or during flight operations. With the participation of EKU employees, accidents may be prevented. The overall safety environment of the airport, flight and ground operations can be improved while protecting the reporter’s confidentiality and thus  eliminating any fear of retribution.

This policy shall not apply to information received by the organization from a source other than the employee involved in the event, or which involves an illegal act, or a deliberate or willful disregard of promulgated regulations or procedures.

Confidential reports may be made by calling  (859) 622-1014 or email to submit a report online. 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The identity of any employee providing safety information will be kept confidential to the extent permissible by law.

Aviation Safety Reporting Form


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