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Eastern Kentucky University

Campus Recreation


Our Mission

Our Fitness program Strives to provide an Educational, Functional and Inclusive experience that meets the health and fitness needs of all students at EKU by promoting strong muscles and bones, helping students maintain or get to a healthy weight, reducing the risk of developing a disease like type 2 diabetes, and heart disease, and improving mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and improving self-esteem.

Group Fitness

The Student Recreation Center offers a variety of Group Fitness classes most days per week, FREE to all members of the facility. Each class can be modified to allow all fitness levels to receive a great and fun workout!

The Student Recreation Center currently has 3 Group Fitness classrooms.

  1. Grey Studio- Small group classes
  2. Maroon Studio- Large group classes
  3. Big E Studio- (Closed during normal hours) Unless requested via facility reservation
*Some Group Fitness Classes will happen on the main floor using various equipment such as the Queenax and the HIIT Platform.

Participant Registration and Check-In Procedures:

It is encouraged to register in advance. No account creation is necessary if you are Student/Faculty/Staff

  1. Visit the Campus Recreation site, then Group Fitness
  2. Select the Group Fitness Icon
  3. Select the class type
  4. Select the specific time and day offering
  5. Log in by selecting the ‘EKU Login’ button and using your EKU credentials.

**If you are an affiliate/alumni/guest, use the Member/Guest login.

You can pre-register up to 3 days in advance and no later than 20 minutes before class time.
If there are less than 20 minutes before class starts, you have to register in person.
If you pre-register then are unable to make the class, please unenroll from the class before it begins.
If you pre-register and are not present at the start of the class, those on the waitlist will be able to fill your spot, regardless of registration.
Check in with the instructor before the start of the class up to 15 minutes before class time.
Even when you pre-register online, you must still check in with the instructor by getting your name checked off for each class you attend.
If you are unable to make it or decide not to attend the class, please cancel your registration before the start of the class. Log in to mycampusrec, go to Profile, select Program> Registrations (on the left-hand side). Select the cancel button next to the class from which you wish to disenroll.
Those that have pre-registered and do not attend will be marked as “No shows”- 3 “No shows” restricts your ability to pre-register for a period of time.

Personal Training

Each individual training session is one (1) hour.  A great way to get one-on-one instruction incorporating exercise plans, goal-setting, and health education. All packages include a fitness assessment and consultation.

Policies and Procedures

Anyone who schedules a session with a trainer and fails to show up to 2 sessions with minimal or no prior notice to the trainer may forfeit their remaining sessions.


All fees must be paid in advance at the front desk of the Student Recreation Center during facility hours of operation. Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted.  Clients will be paired with a personal trainer who will administer a comprehensive fitness assessment prior to the start of the training sessions and develop the customized workout program for the client. The client and trainer will set up a training schedule based upon availability and number of sessions purchased by the client. Please come dressed to workout for all sessions.

Workout Apparel

Please dress comfortably in clothing that is both breathable and non-restrictive. A t-shirt should be worn or on hand at all times. Shoes should be practical, supportive, and comfortable. If you have questions in regards to your workout gear, please ask your trainer or refer to Campus Recreation’s Dress Code.

Campus Recreation


Physical Address: 228 Park Drive
Mailing Address: 521 Lancaster Ave SRC 105
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: Front Desk (859) 622-6751 / Main Office (859) 622-8145


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