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Upload Your ID Photo

How to Submit Your Photo

Your Colonel Card is a photo ID, and while associates can take a photo for you in-office, you also have the option to upload your own photo. Once you are an active student or employee, you will have access to submit your photo online.

Log in to the Transact eAccounts or download the Transact eAccounts mobile app, log in using your EKU credentials (i.e., joe_colonel1 and password used to log into your EKU email/Blackboard).

Tips for Taking Your Photo

  1. Stand in front of a smooth, light background, such as a white wall.
  2. Use good lighting. Photos that are dark, overexposed, or show glare on glasses will not be accepted.
  3. Face forward and look at the camera.
  4. The photo should be a centered, front-facing headshot from the shoulders up.
  5. Photo must be 1MB or smaller and in JPG format to be accepted.


  • Use a recent color photo.
  • Keep eyes open and visible.
  • Center the photo and include a front view of the full face.
  • Use good lighting.


  • Wear hats, masks, graduation caps, sunglasses or other items that obscure your face.
  • Include other objects, animals, or people in the photo.
  • Use patterns, textured, or scenic backgrounds.
  • Use images that have glare from glasses or heavy shadows.
  • Apply filters or other edits that change your appearance.

Some examples of acceptable headshots for the Colonel Card.

Some examples of acceptable headshots for the Colonel Card.

You will receive an email notification once your photo has been accepted. If it is rejected, the notification will also include the reason for rejection, this often includes common mistakes:

  • The photo is too far away. Be sure to crop the photo so that it goes from the top of your head to the top of your shoulders.
  • The photo is too light or too dark.
  • The background is not white or a light color. 
  • The photo has no filters applied. 

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