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Wes Blake

SHARK REEF, “Pastoral” (short story) (June 2017)
Louisiana Literature
 “A Sort of Miracle” (short story)
Route 7 Review, “Antenna” (short story)

Sarah Joyce Bryant

ForHer, “The life inside me: how a flutter on a screen saw me through a lifetime of abuse” (essay)

Sarah Diamond Burroway

Sheila Na-Gig“Rootbound” (poem)
41st Annual Appalachian Studies Association Conference “Re-stitching the Seams: Appalachia Beyond Its Borders”
–Poems read at event
The Womens Art Blog, “The Women of Appalachia Project Challenges Stereotypes Through Art” (essay)
A Compilation, Women Speak: The Spoken Art of the Women of Appalachia Project, “Dinner Bucket” (short story)
–Edited by Kari Gunter-Seymour, founder and curator of WoAP
–Read to mark the closing of the 7th Annual Proect at The Pump House Arts Center in Chillicothe, OH
The Bitter Southerner“Morning Milk” (short story)
The Bitter Southerner, “Dinner Bucket” (short story)
Presenting “Where I’m Going, Where I’m From” at the 3rd Annual Tri-State Diversity and Inclusion Conference on Sept. 9, 2016 in Grayson, KY. Theme: APPALACHIAN CROSSROADS: CONVERSATIONS ON DIVERSITY.
The Worchester Journal, “To the Woman at the Food Fair Who Screamed at Her Child,” (essay)
The Worcester Journal, “Cafés” (poem)
Still: The Journal, “TOUCH” (essay) (#25, Fall 2017)
—Judges choice in Creative Nonfiction Contest
Sheila-Na-Gig online, Crows” (poem) (2.1, Fall 2017)
Sheila-Na-Gig online, “Fried Green Tomatoes” (poem) (2.1, Fall 2017)
Women of Appalachia Project, “Crows” (poem)
Women of Appalachia Project, “Fried Green Tomatoes” (poem)

Joey Burke

Church Health Reader: Summer 2016, “Psalm 98 Revisited” (essay)
Brevity, “An Open Letter to Brian Arundel” (essay)

Tasha Cotter

Contributor (poems) to:
–Poets on Growth Anthology (Math Paper Press)
–Women in Clothes (Blue Rider Press)
2017 Poet’s Marker (Writers Digest Books)
Superstition Review“Solar” (poem)
Tahoma Literary Review“Girl as Infidel” (poem)

Rebecca Daff

Feed Your Monster“Regifting” (short story) (Dec. 2017)

Cynthia Darling

Schuylkill Valley Journal, “Road Trip” (flash fiction) (Nov. 2017)

Earl P. Dean

Harlan County Horrors, Mari Adkins ed. (Apex Publications), “Hiding Mountain: Our Future in Apples” (short story)

Cecile Dixon

Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel: Appalachia Under Thirty“How the Parts Fit” (short story)
Fried Chicken and Coffee“Law of the Whippoorwill” (short story)

Lindsey S. Frantz

Linden Avenue Literary Journal, “Dry Land Fish” (poem) (March 2018)
Young Ravens Literary Journal“Where My Childhood Lived” (poem)
The Book of Villains: Main Street Rag, “The Flying Pig” (short story)
Paradigm, “Awake” (short story)
Aurora Online“Eden” (short story)
Aurora Literary Arts Journal“Hummingbird” (short story)
Aurora Literary Arts Journal“Sunshowers” (short story)
Kentucky: Her Story 2012“Breathe Deep” (short story)
Ruminate“Gas-line Fire, Estill County” (poem)
Emerge Literary Journal“Cafe” (poem)

Jim Hartman

Gravel Literary Journal“The End of it All” (short story)

Deana Nantz Hays

Funny in 500“Giving Back” (short story)
February“Animal” (poem)

Russell Helms

Temenos, “It Was 9:20 and No One Had Eaten” (short story)
Blue Mountain Review,  “Lerned’s Book Collection” (2016) (short story)
GFT Press“Theme Park” (2016) (short story)
Unbuild Walls, “Killing Seahorses” (2016) (short story)
Headland Journal “The Latecomer” (2016) (short story)
Sand: Issue 10, “Saudade” (2015, Berlin) (short story)
Tinderbox Magazine“Dung Beetles” (2014) (short story)
Used Gravitrons: Issue 15, “Charles Manson’s Birthday” (2014) (short story)
Trench Foot Gazette“You Must Be Born Again” (2013) (short story)
Drunken Boat: Issue 16, “A Painting Hanging in a Giftshop, St. Ansgar, Iowa” (2013) (short story)
Otis Nebula: Issue 6, “An Eye for an Eye” (2012) (short story)
Litro Magazine“Hairspray” (August 12, 2012, UK) (short story)
Litro Magazine, “Ginger in the Sauce?” (December 15, 2011, UK) (short story)
Bewildering Stories“What Glenda Wanted” (2011, UK) (short story)
Used Gravitrons“The Piano Tuner” (Issue 5, 2011) (short story)
Soliloquies Anthology (Issue 15), “The Bulgarian Orthographic Reform of 1945” (2011, Canada) (short story)
Versal“The Miracle of Mrs. Evelyn Howard” (2011, Netherlands) (short story)
The Moth: Issue 4, “Squircle” (2011, Ireland) (short story)
Hack Writers“The Trampoline” (2011, England) (short story)
Assembly Journal, “A Short Blessing” (2011, Canada) (short story)
a la carte (anthology from Main Street Rag Publishing, “Cubesteak” (2010) (short story)
Aura Literary Arts Review, “Delivery” (2010, University of Alabama, Birmingham) (short story)
Aura Literary Arts Review, “ta da” (2010, University of Alabama, Birmingham) (short story)
antiTHESIS (the Fear Issue), “The Relic” (2010, University of Melbourne, Australia) (short story)
Sunsets and Silencers, “Valerie’s First Birthday Party” (2009) (short story)
Soliloquies Anthology, “The 21 Virgins of Agate County” (2009, Canada) (short story)
The 2nd Hand“Breadsticks” (2009) (short story)
Qarrtsiluni (also available in print), “The Bookmark” (2009) (short story)
Willows Wept Review“Rhea” (2009) (short story)

Chad L. Hutchinson

Word Riot, “Generational Curse” (May 2015) (essay)
Still: The Journal, “Queen of the Hill” (Fall 2015) (short story)
Road Story: KY Story, “Wild Man” (Summer 2016) (short story)

Brandyn Johnson

The Dandelion Farm Review, “Like it Never Happened” (poem)
The Dandelion Farm Review, “Being Taught How to Fish” (poem)

Libby Falk Jones

Contributor (poems) to:
Bigger Than They Appear: Anthology of Very Short Poems (Katerina Stoykova-Klemer ed.) (Accents Publishing)
Motif: All the Livelong Day, Writings About Work (Marianne Worthington ed.) (Motes)
New Growth, Recent Kentucky Writings (Charlie Sweet and Hal Blythe, eds.) (Jesse Stuart Foundation)
Kentucky Monthly Magazine (“Penned,” Kentucky Monthly’s 9th annual writers showcase), “On the Mountain, August” (poem)

Markus Egeler Jones

The Hungry Chimera, “The Tale of Cindy Jack’s Mother” (2017) (short story)
Gehenna & Hinnom Transhuman Anthology, “Neptune Water” (2017) (short story)
Temenos Journal, “Dissolution is that Bent Tree Culled from the Hillside” (2017) (poetry)
Raven’s Perch“My Pen is Running Out” (2017) (poetry)
Raven’s Perch“Little Boy” (2017) (poetry)
Raven’s Perch“I Flicked A Fly Across the Balcony” (2017) (poetry)
Temenos Journal“Writing Meditation” (2017) (essay)
The Fat Damsel Vol. 11, “Straight Piping” (2017)
New Mexico Review, “How the Butcher Bird Finds her Voice” (2017) (short story)
The Wild Word (online magazine), “The Secret of Old Man Gloom” (2017) (short story)
Ink & Letters“Creature of the Dark” (2017) (short story)
The Windward Review“For These are Wells Without Water” (2017) (short story)
Best of Anthoogy 2016-2017 & Crab Fat MagazineThe Gulf Stream” (2017) (flash fiction)
These Fragile Lilacs Poetry Journal, “The Argument” (2017) (poem)
The Story Shack, So Long As I Have Yesterday” (2017) (short story)
Festival Anthology, “Why I Write” (2016) (essay)
The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature“Trash” (2016) (short story)
Target Audience Magazine, “Nordavind” (2012) (poem)
Target Audience Magazine, “Domestication” (2012) (poem)
Target Audience Magazine, “Shadows of the Dark” (2012) (poem)
The Feline Muse, “Marmalade” (2012) (poem)
The Feline Muse, “Trilling” (2012) (poem)
The Feline Muse, “Kitty-Kitty” (2012) (poem)
Limestone: A Journal of Art and Literature (University of Kentucky), “Ashland” (2008) (poem)
Limestone: A Journal of Art and Literature (University of Kentucky), “Rendezvous” (2007) (poem)

Roger Jones

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine“Clouds” (short story)
–also available on the website Crown City Central and in an EQMM anthology
Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine“Social Media” (short story)

Jay McCoy

Small Batch: An Anthology of Bourbon Poetry, (Leigh Anne Hornfeldt ed.) (Two of Cups Press), “Old Wine in New Bottles” (poem)

Katherine McMullen

Parahelion Literary Magazine, “The People Tree: An American Fable” (story) (July 2018)

Parker Owens, (Berlin), “Newport” (2017) (poem), (Berlin), “Henderson” (2017) (poem), (Berlin), “Goshen” (2017) (poem)
Young Ravens Literary Review (Issue 6), “Ilmatar” (2017) (short story)
Slink Chunk Press“Venus” (2017) (short story)
Caesura Journal (Issue 2), “Geese” (Novemeber 2016) (short story)
Five 2 One Magazine, “The Dream” (December 2016) (poem)
Five 2 One Magazine“Old Telon Rd.” (December 2016) (poem)
The Birds We Piled Loosely!, “Crow” (January 2016) (short story)

Eliot Parker

Appalachian Undead, (Eugene Johnson ed.) (Apex Publications), “Reckless” (short story)

Jen Adamovich Parks

Hot Metal Bridge“Proof” (poem)

Whitnee Pearce

Pasque Petals, “The Quilt” (2017) (poem)
Pasque Petals, ““Swings Hard” (2017) (poem)
Fantasma: An Anthology of Whispers, 
“Epiphanies After Divorce Papers” (2018, forthcoming)(poem)
Inscape Literary Journal,
 “Looking at You Too Long My Eyes Burn” (poem)
Inscape Literary Journal, “Shirtless and Cool” (poem)
Inscape Literary Journal, “I Bit My Lip When There Is Nothing Else To Do” (poem)
ninepatch (online), “Becoming a Dove, on my Wedding Day” (2012) (poem)
poemmemoirstory, “Coal Sweet” (poem)
Emerge Literary Journal, Winter II, “Here are my dying words” (2013) (poem)
South Dakota’s Poetry Society’s Pasque Petals, “Eating Soup in China” (Fall 2015) (poem)
South Dakota’s Poetry Society’s Pasque Petals, “Silver Minnows” (Fall 2015) (poem)
South Dakota’s Poetry Society’s Pasque Petals, “Eating Soup in China” (Fall 2015) (poem)
South Dakota’s Poetry Society’s Pasque Petals, “A French teacher sets herself on fire” (Fall 2015) (poem)
South Dakota’s Poetry Society’s Pasque Petals, “Before Marriage” (Fall 2015) (poem)
South Dakota’s Poetry Society’s Pasque Petals, “his name was samson” (Fall 2015) (poem)
Veils, Halos, Shackles, “Sins Like Mine” (2016) (poem)
Splinter Generation, “Typewriter” (2016) (poem)
Poetry Gymnasium by Tom Hunley, “Your Green Argyle Socks Sag As You Take Off Your Pants” (2011) (poem)
Poetry Gymnasium by Tom Hunley, “Ars Poetica” (2011) (poem)
Poetry Gymnasium by Tom Hunley, “Notes on Preacher” (2011) (poem)
Poets Opposing Evil Trump Anthology, “& He Said” (2016) (poem)
–Poems selected to be featured as “Literary” portion of Brookings, SD Arts Week, 2015
–Selectedto attend Wellstone Writing Residence, Summer 2016
FemMag Literary Magazine, “Kalopsia” (2016) (poem)

Rebecca Potter

The Wax Paper (Volume II, Issue 3), The Last Time I Saw His Father (essay)
bioStories, “The Places They Could Go” (essay)

Deri Ross Pryor

Aurora Online, “Titi” (essay)
Kudzu Literary Magazine, “Leaving Death in the Drawer” (short story)
PLUCK! Journal of Affrilachian Arts & Culture“Domesticity” (poem)
Still: The Journal, “Where I Am” (poem)
Writer’s Digest PAD Challenge Top 25, “The Farmer’s Wife” (poem)
Down the Rabbit Hole, (poetry monologue for Movement Continuum’s dance production) “Who Will Weep for the White Rabbit?” (poem)
Thin Air Magazine“Never on Tuesdays” (short story)

Christopher Rowe

Steampunk! An Anthology of Fantastically Rich and Strange Stories, (Kelly Link and Hal Blythe, eds) (Candlewick), “Nowhere Fast” (short story)

Kristen Roach

Pif Magazine“Letter to a Man” (poem)
Gravel Literary Journal“To the Chimmmney Sweep” (poem)
Lament for the Dead“Attention” (poem)
Sugar House Review, “Speech Recognition Software Poem” (poem)

Kristen Ruggles

Rat’s Ass Review, “Fortune Teller” (poem)
Rat’s Ass Review, “Favorite Things” (poem)
Rat’s Ass Review, “Against the Shore” (poem)
Zingara Poet (poetry pick of the day: October 25, 2017), “Muggy Night Air” (poem)
Spank the Carp, “Burn” (poem)
Linden Avenue, “Midnight” (poem) (Dec. 2017)

Eric Smith

HCE Review, “Mr. Wills” (fiction) (Nov. 2017)
Rigorous, “Overbooked with Virginia Woolf” (fiction)
Welter, “Mr. Horning” (fiction) (forthcoming Dec. 2017)

Carissa Stevens

Mom Egg Review, “Expatriate” (short story)
West Texas Literary Review, “Slice” (essay)
GFT Press,  “The Announcement” (short story)

Brian Tucker

4ink7 Journal (print, Tennessee), “Climbing Above Ground” (short story)
Story Shack Magazine (online, Germany), “Lobster Meat is Sweet” (short story)
Words, Pauses, Noises (online, England), “0 Days Accident-Free” (short story)
Story Shack Magazine (online, Germany), “Nomen Oblitum, or, Forgotten Name” (short story)
Story Shack Magazine (online, Germany), “Lobster Meat is Sweet” (short story)
Poetic Story – An Anthology (print, Kentucky) with Ashley Parker Owens
–“A Campsite Dream” (poem)
–“At Buck Creek” (poem)
–“Buoy” (poem)
–“In the Garden” (poem)
–“Jawbreakers” (poem)
–“Marina (poem)
–“Motherhood in Recession” (poem)
–“The Roman Road” (poem)
–“To John During a Storm” (poem)
Flash – An Anthology (Kindle and print, Kentuck) with Ashley Parker Owens
–“Doctor’s Visit” (flash fiction)
–“Wrestling” (flash fiction)
Burnt Bridge Press (online), “A Bar Fight with Black Hair” (short story)
Fried Chicken & Coffee (online), “Goodman at an Outhouse” (short story)
Dead Mule School of Southern Literature (online), “Psuedoephedrine Served Nightly” (short story)
Gloom Cupboard – Prose 124, “The Morning Shift” (short story)
Trajectory Journal (Volume 2, print), “Flotsam & Jetsam” (short story)
Prick of the Spindle (Volume 5.1), “Muddy Banks” (short story)
The Fringe Magazine, “Occlusions” (short story)
Burnt Bridge Press (#2, The Open Road Issue, Print), “The Coke Man, The Town Mortician, and a Lassie Dog” (short story)
The Camel Saloon (online, Georgia) “The Butcher Rings the Bell” (short story)
Dew on the Kudzu (online) “Dairy Products” (short story)
Southern Grit, “Animal Control” (short story)

James Wells

Conducted field and archival research in the US and Vietnam during Fall 2016/Spring 2017 for his “whistle blowing” research.

Phillip Wentirine

Aurora Magazine, Hide and Seek” (Spring 2015) (short story)
Aurora Magazine, “Ben Camino” (essay)
Aurora Magazine, “If You Love It, Let It Go” (essay)
Intrinsick Magazine, Ten Tips for Survival in China” (January 2016) (short story)
The Talon Review, Voices of the Square Table” (November 2015) (essay)
KY Story: Lavendar Bluegrass Anthology, Butterflies Thrive on Octane” (April 2016) (essay)
Potluck Magazine, Things I Wish I Said To You” (February 2016) (essay)
396 Hours (Amazon Anthology, writer and editor), “Amidst the Birds” (essay)

Laura Wooffitt

Accepted a position as Remote Intern for Folio Literary Management beginning Jan. 2014
The Zodiac Review,
 “Marriage Prospects” (flash fiction)
The Zodiac Review, “Hosea” (flash fiction)

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