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EMC 9 Associate of Science – Paramedicine

Associate of Science – Paramedicine

As an Associate of Science it can be completed in a total of 64 credit hours. The benefit is that the General Education requirements of the Associate of Science (rather than Applied Science) set up students to easily move into a baccalaureate degree later on if they so choose. ASP students will still take coursework that helps them learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills and build a well-rounded educational foundation. Students who successfully complete the 300-level series of courses will be eligible to take the National Registry Paramedic exam.

University Graduation Requirements

General Education courses from the following categories (15 hours):

3 credits in 1A – ENG 101 – Reading, Writing, and Rhetoric
3 credits in 1B – ENG 102 – Research, Writing, and Rhetoric
3 credits in 3A or 3B – Arts and Humanities Course
3 credits in 5A or 5B – Social and Behavioral Science Course
3 credits in 2 (Quantitative Reasoning) or 4 (Natural Science with Lab)

Student Success Seminar – GSD 101 Foundations of Learning (3 credits)

This requirement may be waived for students transferring in with 30 or more credit hours.

Pre-College Curriculum

In order to satisfy PCC requirement, you must take 2 courses in the same foreign language within 24 credit hours of enrollment if student is <21 years old and/or transferred into EKU with fewer than 24 credit hours.

Major Requirements

EMC Core Courses: 33 hours. (credit hours are listed parenthetically)

Applicants to this program who are currently nationally registered or state-certified paramedics may be able to receive credit for up to 18 hours of these requirements.

EMC 300 (3) – Emergency Operations, and Behavioral Crisis
EMC 303 (3) – Introduction to Cardiology
EMC 305 (3) – Prehospital Management of OB/GYN/Pediatric Emergency
EMC 310 (3) – Advanced Cardiology
EMC 320 (3) – Advanced Life Support: Trauma
EMC 335 (3) – Medical Emergencies I
EMC 340 (3) – Medical Emergencies II
EMC 342 (3) – Advanced Clinical I
EMC 352 (3) – Advanced Clinical II
EMC 352L(0) – Advanced Clinical II Lab
EMC 360 (2) – Advanced Field Internship I
EMC 362 (4) – Advanced Field Internship II

Supporting Course Requirements: 6 hours. (credit hours are listed parenthetically)

BIO 307/307L (3)  – Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 308/308L (3)  – Human Anatomy and Physiology II

Free Electives: 7 hours.


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