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EMC 9 EMC BSc.- Paramedic Science/ Pre-Med Option

EMC BSc.- Paramedic Science/ Pre-Med Option

Our Paramedic Science/Pre-Med option is intended for students with their sights set on medical schools or physician assistant schools. Most of the supporting courses fulfill the natural science prerequisites. If need be, students can make arrangements with their advisor to ensure that their supporting coursework satisfies the required courses for the schools of their choice. This track also additionally prepares students by offering hands-on clinical and field experience that is not common among most pre-med/pre-PA programs. Students who successfully complete the 300-level series of courses will be eligible to take the National Registry Paramedic exam.

University Graduation Requirements:

General Education Courses totaling 36 hours

Student Success Seminar- JSO 100 (1).
This course requirement is waived for students transferring in 30 or more credit hours.

Writing Intensive Course
Hours can be incorporated into Major, Supporting, Gen Ed, or Free Electives categories.

42 hours of Upper Division Courses
Distributed throughout Major/Supporting/Gen Ed/Free Electives categories.

An Applied Critical and Creative Thinking (ACCT) course.
Emergency Medical Care majors will fulfill ACCT with EMC Core Course: EMC 362(4).

Total Hours of University Graduation Requirements: 37 hours

Major Requirements:

EMC Core Courses: 39 hours. (credit hours are listed parenthetically)
Applicants to this program who are currently nationally registered or state-certified paramedics may be able to receive credit for up to 18 hours of these requirements.

EMC 300 (3) – Emergency Operations, and Behavioral Crisis
EMC 303 (3) – Introduction to Cardiology
EMC 305 (3) – Prehospital Management of OB/GYN/Pediatric Emergency
EMC 310 (3) – Advanced Cardiology
EMC 320 (3) – Advanced Life Support: Trauma
EMC 335 (3) – Medical Emergencies I
EMC 340 (3) – Medical Emergencies II
EMC 342 (3) – Advanced Clinical I
EMC 352 (3) – Advanced Clinical II
EMC 352L(0) – Advanced Clinical II Lab
EMC 360 (2) – Advanced Field Internship I
EMC 362 (4) – Advanced Field Internship II
EMC 400 (3) – Emergency Care Systems Management
EMC 489 (3) – Introduction to Research Methods

Supporting Course Requirements: 9 hours. (credit hours are listed parenthetically)
BIO 307/307L (3)  – Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 308/308L (3)  – Human Anatomy and Physiology II
ENG 300 (3) – Introduction to Technical and Professional Writing

Paramedic Science/Pre-Med Concentration Courses: 29 hours. (credit hours are listed parenthetically)

BIO 273 (4) – Clinical Microbiology
BIO 318 (4) – General Botany [may be substituted; meet with advisor for further information]

CHE 111 (3) – General Chemistry
CHE 111L (1) – General Chemistry Lab
CHE 112 (3) – General Chemistry II
CHE 112L (1) – General Chemistry Lab II
CHE 361 (3) – Organic Chemistry I
CHE 361L (1) – Organic Chemistry Lab I
CHE 362 (3) – Organic Chemistry II
CHE 362L (1) – Organic Chemistry Lab II

PHY 131 (5) – College Physics I

Free Electives: 6 hours.

Total hours to complete degree with Paramedic Science/ Pre-Med Concentration: 120 hours.

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