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Students in EKU Honors have a dedicated honors advisor who is available to help with all things related to honors coursework. Plan to meet with your honors advisor regularly to ensure you are making progress toward graduating as an Honors Scholar.

Kevin Watts is the honors supplemental advisor listed on each honors student’s record and can answer any advising-related questions. Email him or make an appointment to meet with him in person or via Zoom.

Fall 2024 Advising Information

Important Dates to Know:

  • Monday, February 26 – Kevin will begin advising.
  • Thursday, March 28 at 7:30 am EST – Priority registration for honors students with fewer than 90 earned credit hours (not including the hours you’re taking this semester)
    • Have more than 90 earned credit hours (not including Spring 2024 hours)? You can register on Wednesday, March 27 at 7:30 am EST

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Spring 2024 is your first semester in the honors program:

Sign up for an individual meeting with Kevin here.

Spring 2024 is not your first semester in the honors program, but you still have honors seminars to complete (not including thesis):

Sign up for an individual meeting with Kevin here.

You are beginning your honors thesis in Fall 2024:

You must attend an honors thesis orientation session to get the information you need to begin thesis in Fall 2024.

  • Open honors thesis orientation sessions will be held Tuesday, March 26 and Wednesday, March 27 from 4:30-5:30 pm in University 139.

If you absolutely cannot make any of these sessions, email Dr. Liddell ( with a detailed explanation of why you cannot attend in order to schedule a makeup session.

You are not beginning your honors thesis in Fall 2024, but you are finished with all of your honors coursework besides thesis.

You don’t need honors advising for Fall 2024. If you have questions about whether you are finished with your honors coursework besides thesis, please email Kevin (

If you are unsure about when you should start your honors thesis, please bring that up with your major advisor during your advising session this spring. The easiest way to start that conversation is to have a plan in place for what classes you plan to take for your remaining semesters. Let Kevin know if you need help creating a plan.

If your DegreeWorks says, “6 hours needed,” and then “6 hours needed in HON 420,” those are the same 6 hours. You are more than likely finished with your honors coursework before thesis.

You are currently in your first semester of HON 420, need to register for your second semester of HON 420 in Fall 2024, and are finished with the rest of your honors coursework.

You don’t need honors advising for Fall 2024. Dr. Coleman or Dr. Liddell will discuss with you in class how to register for 2nd semester of HON 420.

Questions and Answers

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When should I meet with my honors advisor?

We recommend meeting with an honors advisor during the regular advising period in each semester that you still have honors coursework remaining.

Watch your EKU email for specific information about honors advising and honors thesis orientation sessions each semester.

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How do I make an honors advising appointment?

You can make an appointment to meet with Kevin Watts in person or via Zoom.

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When can I register for classes?

Honors students receive priority registration as a “designated population” at EKU. You can visit the Colonel’s Compass website to find out when designated populations may register each semester. This information will also be emailed to all honors students in the “This Week in Honors” email.

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What honors classes do I need to take?

Regularly meeting with your honors advisor is the best way to make sure you are on track to complete your honors requirements. You will receive an advising worksheet with notes about your progress each time you meet with an advisor. If you have questions, please email Kevin Watts.

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What honors classes will be offered next semester?

The course list for each semester is first unveiled at pizza night and then emailed to all students in “This Week in Honors.” It is also posted to the advising page for each semester.

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How can I request an override?

Overrides are typically not granted for honors courses because we believe very strongly in keeping our courses small, and our classrooms simply don’t hold a large number of students. If you have a compelling reason to request an override, please complete the form linked on this semester’s advising page after reviewing this information.

Please do not request overrides from specific honors professors; all requests must be made through the honors office. If you would like to request an override, fill out the Honors Course Override Request Form. You need to be logged in with your EKU credentials to access the form.

Remember, overrides are to get into a class that is closed. Overload requests are to take more than 18 credit hours per semester. The honors office does not grant overload requests; you must request these from your major advisor/department. Look for a link on your department’s website to request an override/overload.

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Honors Course Number Change Information

If your first choice of an honors course is cross-listed with other honors course numbers, you can try to register for one of the other cross-listed CRNs to try to get a seat in the course. Then, you must submit a Course Number Change Form to have the course count in the correct honors course number for the gen-ed element you need.

  • Example: You want to take Learning in Place as an HON 320W to count as Element 6: Diversity. When you go to register for the HON 320W CRN, you get a capacity error, meaning the HON 320W CRN is full. You can register for the HON 308W CRN to get a seat in the course, but you must submit the Course Number Change Form to get Learning in Place changed from an HON 308W to an HON 320W that will count in Element 6: Diversity.

The Course Number Change Form for Fall 2024 honors courses is available online. You need to be logged in with your EKU credentials to access the form.

Other Advising FAQs

Email Kevin Watts if you still have a question that is not answered here.

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Fall 2024 Course List

Looking for specific information about advising for this semester? Email