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HPRS 9 History 9 EKU Writing Intensive Requirement – Help Sheet

EKU Writing Intensive Requirement – Help Sheet

  1. The Writing Intensive course requirement (WI) is part of the QEP and part of an EKU student’s General Education, and it is a university level graduation requirement.
  2. While the WI was not designed to be simply a replacement for the UWR, any student who has already passed the UWR will be exempt from WI.
    • The student’s degree audit report (CARES or Degree Works) will note the passing UWR score in Banner and in turn credit the student as meeting the WI.
  3. All students who complete the old Gen Ed(Gen Ed prior to fall 2006), are now exempt from the UWR as well as being exempt from taking a WI course. (per Dr. Vice, 05/20/2009)
    • No exception form is required if the student’s CARES (or Degree Works audit) shows the old Gen Ed as complete.
    • Neither the UWR nor the WI requirement should appear as an unmeet requirement on these student’s CARES (or Degree Works audit).
    • This exemption has been given to ease the continued transition of EKU into the new General Education curriculum, to simplify advising of these students, and because it is a reasonable accommodation to the needs of this population.
  4. Students who matriculated into EKU between summer 2006 and summer 2007 are excused from both the UWR and the WI requirement.
  5. Any student who is graduating spring 2009, summer 2009, or fall 2009 is exempt from the WI.
  6. A student who is held to the new Gen Ed, and will graduate after fall 2009, may petition to waive the WI graduation requirement, in extreme situations.
    • A University Exception Form should be processed with very clear documentation as to why the student will not be able to take a WI course before graduation.

  1. The Exception Form must include a recent CARES degree audit report for the student.
  2. The Exception Form must address whether there is capacity within the student’s remaining degree requirements for the student to enroll into a WI course.
  3. The Exception Form must address whether there is capacity within any unmet Gen Ed for the student to enroll into a WI course.
  4. The Exception Form must address whether the student’s major provides any WI courses among their major requirements.
  5. Send the completed Exception Form, with clear documentation, attached CARES, signatures of Advisor and College Dean directly to the Office of the Associate Provost.

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