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Health Insurance and Health Care

Mandatory Health Insurance Requirement

Health insurance coverage is mandatory for every international student on an F-1 or a J-1 visa enrolled at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU), except those who meet the waiver criteria below. All international students will be automatically enrolled in the Eastern Kentucky University’s health insurance plan at the time of class registration. The charge for coverage will be automatically added to your bill each semester.

Why EKU Requires Health Insurance?

  • Unlike many other countries, the United States does not provide free health care; individuals are responsible for all costs of their health care.
  • Health care in the United States is very costly. The cost of medical treatment and hospitalization in the U.S. can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.
  • Having health insurance will help to minimize the costs and cover any medical expenses that may impact your ability to complete your studies while attending EKU.



Very limited waivers may be granted to international students who satisfy one of the criteria listed below:

  • EKU student athletes whose health insurance is covered by the EKU Athletics Department.
  • Government-sponsored students whose home governments pay for their tuition and provide them medical insurance.
  • Students financially sponsored (including tuition, living expenses, medical expenses, etc.) by a select international organizations (such as Fulbright, International Institute of Education (IIE) etc.).
  • Students receiving health insurance coverage through their U.S. employers’ parent or spouse.


To apply for a waiver you must fill out the Health Insurance Waiver Form and submit proof of insurance coverage before the semester deadline to be considered for the waiver. You will be notified via email about approval or denial of your application.

If insurance coverage is not valid for the entire academic year, then you must submit a new Health Insurance Waiver Form each semester. Please note that submitting a waiver application does not guarantee that a waiver will be granted.


  • Fall Semester: August 19th
  • Spring Semester: January 13th
  • Summer Semester: May 18th

Note: If you fail to submit the waiver form by the deadline, it will be denied and insurance charge will be added to your account. Therefore, you must apply for the waiver as soon as possible!

Required Documents

Submit the following documents to be considered for a waiver. Failure to submit these documents can lead to denial of your waiver request.

  • Health Insurance Waiver Form
  • Copy of your health insurance ID card (or written verification of coverage from the insurance company or employer)
  • Copy of insurance policy or insurance plan booklet in English.
  • Copy of Scholarship Letter showing coverage for health insurance

Insurance for Dependents

You are strongly encouraged to buy health insurance for your dependents (i.e. spouse and children). If you are currently enrolled in the EKU sponsored health insurance, you may be able to add your dependents in the same plan.

However, your dependents will not be automatically enrolled in the plan. You must contact the Office of International Student and Scholar Services on how to add your dependents and pay their insurance charges directly to the ISO International Student Insurance.

Provider and Health Insurance Policy

EKU Health Insurance for international students is now provided by ISO International Student Insurance.

For more information about ISO insurance plan, policy and procedure, please visit: ISO International Student Insurance Website.

Cost and Coverage Periods

Below is the cost for the 2023 – 2024 health insurance rate. Please note that the cost for health insurance will be added to your student tuition and fee bill each semester.

Fall Student  8/15/2023 to 1/3/2024 $365
Spouse   $2,218
Child   $864
Spring  Student  1/4/2024 to 5/13/2024 $336
Spouse   $2046
Child   $797
Summer** Student  5/14/2024 to 8/14/2024 $235
Spouse   $1436
Child   $559

**Even if, you are not taking summer classes, if you are staying in the U.S., we advise you to enroll in the summer health insurance, to ensure you have continuous health insurance coverage during your stay. Please contact the Office of International Student & Scholar Services how to enroll and pay for the summer insurance charge.

Getting Your ISO Health Insurance Card

Upon enrollment, ISO will send an email with insurance card attachment to every student who is enrolled in the insurance plan.

Sometimes, EKU international students do not receive their health insurance cards via email. This often happens when students do not check their EKU emails.

The best way to ensure that you will receive your EKU health insurance card is to check your EKU emails regularly including junk mails. You may also contact the Office of International Student and Scholar Services if you don’t receive your insurance card.

EKU Student Health Services

Basic Health Services are available to all enrolled EKU students at EKU Student Health Services located in Rowlett Building, Room 103. Many of these services are FREE for all EKU students. To learn more, visit the EKU Student Health Services website.

Therefore, if you are sick or need medical consultation, first visit EKU Student Health Services before you visit other healthcare centers that will charge you fees for every visit you make.

Office of International Student and Scholar Services

521 Lancaster Avenue
Powell 013
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: 859-622-3446

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