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How Do I Apply?

Candidates seeking admission to an initial licensure MAT program must complete the following:

  1. Submit an online application to the Graduate School indicating a bachelor’s degree including all official transcripts from accredited colleges attended except Eastern Kentucky University.
  2. Per EPSB regulations, provide evidence of the following prior to being accepted into the program:  A bachelor’s or master’s degree with a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale OR a grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale on the last thirty (30) hours of credit completed, including undergraduate and graduate coursework. (EPSB regulation 16 KAR 5:020 requires a grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in the last thirty (30) hours of credit completed, including undergraduate and graduate coursework).
  3. Undergraduate Major (or equivalent) in the field in which certification is being sought (only for middle, secondary, and P-12 candidates; others are reviewed for appropriate course content).
  4. Candidates required to have passing scores on the Praxis required for Specific Licensure Areas (TRSLA) may be admitted on a provisional basis for one semester while waiting to complete the TRSLA in the desired certification area (this is only for middle, secondary, and P-12). Some secondary and P-12 certification areas require TWO content exams. IECE, DHH, Music and Elementary do not require the (TRSLA) exam for admission.

BE SURE to request that your Praxis Tests required for specific licensure areas (TRSLA) scores be sent to EKU -CODE 1200

Upload your documents (see checklist on home page) to the appropriate portal located on your Graduate School application.


For advising questions, please contact:

Dr. Julie Rutland, MAT Program Coordinator or 859-622-1043

Candidates seeking Option 6 Alternative Route:

  • If required, candidates must successfully complete the Praxis Tests required for specific licensure areas (TRSLA) for the content area of MAT concentration major to have clear admission and be eligible for option 6. Check for test code list for Kentucky and pass scores (middle grades and secondary/5-12/P-12).
  • In addition to meeting the above admission criteria, Option 6 candidates must provide a letter from their school district indicating that they have been hired or will be hired pending processing of the TC-TP. A mentoring plan will be developed once the candidate has been admitted and is in receipt of an employment letter. Mentoring plan requires 10 hours of direct observation from a University Mentor and participation from the candidate’s district through a district assigned mentor who will complete 5 hours of direct observation and support. Mentoring Plan is verified by candidate, University Mentor and District Mentor.
  • Initiate the Option 6 process here.
  • Contact the below with any Option 6 related questions.

Alternative Certification Specialist
Bert Combs 425
521 Lancaster Avenue
Richmond, KY 40475

Master of Arts in Teaching

Julie Rutland, MAT Coordinator
Office: Bert T. Combs Bldg, Room 107; Mailing Address - Combs 427
521 Lancaster Avenue, Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: 859-622-1043


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