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Graduate Safety Practitioner

Benefits of Becoming a GSP

The Graduate Safety Practitioner® (GSP) designation is available to safety degree graduates from degree programs which meet BCSP Qualified Academic Program (QAP) standards. The GSP program is an alternate path to the Certified Safety Professional® (CSP®), waiving the requirement to sit for the Associate Safety Professional® (ASP®) exam. Students graduating from a current QAP may be eligible for the GSP designation.



There are numerous benefits for obtaining the GSP designation, including:

    • Recognition for being on a path toward the CSP certification.
    • Recognition of the level of preparation for professional safety practice.
    • A waiver of the ASP examination requirement.
    • A certificate awarding the GSP designation.
    • Awarded a digital badge and name appears on the BCSP Credential Holder Directory.
    • Use of the complimentary BCSP Career Center.
    • Use of BCSP mentor program to assist in career development.
    • A GSP may qualify for the STS and STSC certifications.

Individuals must apply for the GSP within one year of graduation or during the program’s applicable dates as listed on the QAP list. All GSPs pay an annual renewal fee to maintain their designation and may hold the GSP for up to six (6) years. Once a GSP meets the eligibility requirements for the CSP certification (four (4) years of professional safety experience) they may submit their CSP application online by logging into My Profile. If an individual lets their GSP expire, they will be required to apply for and pass the ASP exam or obtain another BCSP qualified credential before applying for the CSP. More information about the CSP can be found on the Graduate Safety Practitioner website.

To apply for the GSP designation, students should request the university send them a copy of their conferred academic transcript (may take up to 30 days post-graduation) and login to My Profile at to begin their application. For more information about the GSP visit 

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