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Interdisciplinary Autism Spectrum Disorder Certificate

Individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) represent an increasing and heterogeneous group of consumers who require an individualized and specialized approach to assessment, treatment planning, and intervention. Currently 1 of 44 individuals is diagnosed with an ASD (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2021). Behaviors exhibited by these unique individuals include impairment of social interaction and communication abilities and restricted, repetitive behaviors. Treatment and supports have been found to be effective in teaching new skills, replacing challenging behaviors, and improving occupational functioning for people with ASDs. As interest increases in providing appropriate identification and support for people on the autism spectrum, interest in professionals with training and experience in ASDs also increases.

This interdisciplinary certificate will provide professionals in training from four disciplines with documented skills and experiences related to ASDs. This certificate will train a select group of current EKU professional students in clinical psychology, school psychology, occupational therapy, special education, and communication disorders to provide services to individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Admission applications are reviewed during the spring semester of each year. Applications must be completed by April 1 of your application year.

For more information, see the ASD Graduate Catalog.

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