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Almost 50 percent of Model Lab High School juniors and seniors are taking Eastern Kentucky University classes this semester, according to Jamie Worley, high school counselor.

“We have 45 students taking 68 classes,” said Worley. “We have had students getting dual credit through EKU for many years, but this semester sets a record. It’s definitely an advantage to be right here on campus. Our students benefit academically, and their families see the economic sense of getting a head start on college credits.”

EKU also benefits, not only through tuition, but by the quality the Model students bring to classes. Dr. Felicia Mack, who teaches in the African/African American Studies Program, noted how one Model student set a high bar in her class.

“Rishav Aikat exemplifies my favorite quote by Maya Angelou – ‘Nothing will work unless you do,’” said Mack. “Rishav entered the class ready to work. His hard work paid off because he earned the most points allotted in class. He was a great student!” The Model senior will have 21 college credits when he graduates this May. 

Aikat cited the practical aspect of taking the dual credit college classes: “It makes Model tuition kind of worth it.”

“Taking EKU classes helps prepare me for the future,” explained senior Jaryn Noble. “It gives me a window into how college really is.” She is currently taking Math 105 and Psychology 200. Her favorite class from the past was COM 200 – Mass Media and Society. “We had many opportunities to get out in the real world and see how our in-class work compared to it.”

The students take one to three classes from a wide variety of programs per semester, fitting them in through the Model block schedule times so that they still get their required high school credits. Some are trying a foreign language while others are taking advanced math classes or getting a start on general education requirements.

“It allows me to get ahead of the game so I don’t feel overwhelmed next year,” said Taylor Long, who is taking geology and psychology classes this semester.

“I like taking a business class and getting to be surrounded by students who are majoring in the same area of my interest,” explained Reagan Cole, who is also getting some required classes on her transcript before she even begins college as a freshman.

Worley pointed out that the economic benefits of dual credit are even more important as college costs have increased.

“Students can save whole semesters by getting credits ahead of time,” she said. “It’s a ‘win-win’ for families and our Model/EKU community.”

EKU’s Dual Credit Program is open to high school and home school juniors and seniors who meet the eligibility requirements and whose school is partnering with the University. For more information, visit

Model Laboratory School is located on the EKU campus with an enrollment of approximately 700 students in grades Pre-K through 12. For more information, visit