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By Bridgit Barger, Class of 2016, and Spencer Campbell, Class of 2017

Going to Eastern Kentucky University is in Alex Martin’s blood.

Both of his parents and all three of his sisters graduated from EKU with a variety of degrees – ranging from therapeutic recreation to juvenile corrections to business administration.

“It was basically set in stone from the time I was born that I would go here, and I couldn’t be happier,” Alex said.

A native of Richmond, Kentucky, Alex has been attending a variety of Eastern events for as long as he can remember. His mom and dad instilled in the senior computer information systems major not only a passion for education, but also a love for extracurricular activities, as well.

“Obviously education is important because it provides you with a better future, but it’s also important to have fun and join clubs around campus,” he said.

A member of the Phi Beta Lambda Honors Society at EKU, Alex also enjoys playing intramural soccer at EKU, and he is still active with his alma mater by helping out with the Madison Southern High School soccer teams in Berea.

Alex also has a more personal reason for attending and loving EKU: “Knowing that I’m going to the same college as my mom feels great. She passed away when I was six, and I feel like I have a real connection with her by going to Eastern.”

His greatest goal is to make sure his mom would be proud of him and all that he has accomplished at EKU. He will graduate in fall 2016.