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Dr. Peter Kraska, professor and chair of Graduate Studies and Research in the School of Justice Studies in Eastern Kentucky University's College of Justice & Safety, is in the news again for his widely sought expertise on the controversial topic of police militarization.

Kraska is featured prominently in the RETROREPORT.ORG report – “SWAT – Mission Creep”.  The video examines the growth of Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams from police units designed “to handle only the most serious situations” such as riots, snipers and hostage situations to para-military units used increasingly in routine policing operations.

The full report can be seen at

Last year, Kraska was invited to share his expertise with the U.S. Senate. He testified about his research at a high-profile hearing titled "Oversight of Federal Programs for the Acquisition of Military-Grade Equipment by State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies."