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By Camille Sears

Eastern Kentucky University professor Dr. Pam Parry is working on a six-part book series focusing on female politicians and women in America’s political history.

“One of the most neglected areas of media history has to do with women,” said Parry, associate professor of public relations. “Because of that fact, I’ve always wanted to improve the literature on women in American political history.”

Parry was invited to create the Women in American Political History series when she was writing her first book, also published by Lexington Books. She will author one book in the series, with the tentative title, “Eisenhower and Gender: Changing the Face of Politics.” Thevanticipated release date is June 2018. The Eisenhower presidency was also a focus of Parry’s graduate dissertation and her latest book, “Eisenhower: The Public Relations President.”

Parry is contracted to co-edit the entire series with her former dissertation adviser, Dr. David R. Davies, from the University of Southern Mississippi, to be co-editor.

“I am excited that we are going to write about women who haven’t been written about before,” Parry said. “The people who we have writing the books, the people whose work we’re editing, they’re just amazing.”

The first book in the series, “Press Portrayals of Women in Politician, 1870s-2000s,”authored by Teri Finneman, examines newspaper treatment of media coverage of four women politicians over 150 years, including the first woman to run for president.

The book was published this month. Finneman, professor at South Dakota State University, wanted the book to be published before the 2016 Presidential election as it explores the impact of political coverage of female candidates’ bids for the presidency.

The next book in the series, titled “Politicking Politely: Well-Behaved Women Making a Difference in the 1960’s and 1970’s,” will be authored by Dr. Kimberly Wilmot Voss, associate professor at the University of Central Florida. It is tentatively scheduled for publication in 2016.

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