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The EKU Adult Education Program recognized graduates from Clay, Garrard and Madison counties in a recent ceremony on the Richmond campus.

Over the past year, 40 students from Garrard, Clay and Madison counties completed their GED. At the same time, six students from Madison and Garrard counties successfully completed their Kentucky Para-educator Certification. In addition, 52 students from Madison County who earned their National Career Ready Certification (NCRC) from the EKU-Kentucky Adult Education Program.  

The EKU Adult Education Program’s mission is to support adults in achieving their academic goals by helping them obtain their GED, the Kentucky Para-educator Certification and/or the National Career Ready Certification. The program helps to prepare adults learners for college and career readiness by providing opportunities for a student to refresh and/or further develop academic, communication, computer and work skills.

“This is a very special evening for all of our students and their families,” said Dr. Paula Jones, director of the EKU Adult Education Program. “We are honored to have this opportunity to recognize our students from all three counties. It has been a privilege to partner with each of them. They have each set goals and worked diligently to achieve their goals. We are so very proud of each of them.”

More than 390 guests, along with EKU President Michael Benson and the EKU Adult Education staff, were in attendance to congratulate the graduates. Rodolfo Benavides was awarded the ESL Excellence Award. Students Beatrice Insko (Madison County) and Chester Miller (Garrard County) each gave presentations about the impact the EKU Adult Education Program has had on their lives.

“We truly appreciate all of the support we have received from both EKU and our local community leaders,” Jones said. “It means a great deal to have so many members from our community attend the graduation ceremony. We especially want to thank President Benson and the Richmond Area Arts Council for their support. Each helped to make this evening a great success.”

As the keynote speaker, Benson urged the students to continue their good work, stay curious, and remain true to themselves.

The Richmond Area Arts Council Treble Clef Youth Choir provided special music for the ceremony. Led by Deborah Kidd, the choir performed three uplifting selections.

The EKU Adult Education Programs are supported by the Kentucky Adult Education Program (KYAE) through EKU’s College of Education. The EKU Adult Education Program offers many services, including GED preparation, the National Career Ready Certification (NCRC), ACT prep, computer literacy classes, career skills classes and the Kentucky Para-educator Assessment.  All services and classes are offered at no cost to adult residents of Clay, Garrard and Madison counties.  

For more information about the EKU Adult Education Program or its graduation ceremony, call 622-8065. The Madison County Adult Education Program is located in Room 302 in EKU’s Perkins Building. For more information, visit