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The campus community came together on Thursday, Nov. 10, to celebrate the diversity that distinguishes it and recognize those who have worked to further its ideals.

The ninth annual event, held in the Keen Johnson Ballroom, was sponsored by the University Diversity Office and University Diversity Committee.

“Cultural highlights” were presented by Dr. Socorro Zaragoza, Dr. John Bowes, Anthony Jones, Dr. Hung-Tao “Michael” Chen and Wenceslaus P’Oryem.

Affrilachian poet Bianca Lynne Spriggs served as guest speaker.

Award recipients were: Undergraduate students, Latrell Floyd, Lauren Clark, Samuel Allen, Raniesha Wassman, Noe Aquazul; graduate students, Shana Goggins, Clinton Nowicke; staff, Lisa Daniels, Connie Dirks; faculty, Dr. Weiling Zhuang and Dr. Abbey Poffenberger.

The event also included music from Ligia Tossato and a moment of reverence for Muhammad Ali.