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Eastern Kentucky University faculty member Dr. Minh Nguyen is one of 12 educators nationally selected by the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) to participate in the council’s professional development workshop at the University of Iowa May 1-2.

Dr. Minh NguyenParticipants will develop a working definition of professional development for honors education that includes all aspects and perspectives; formulate objectives for NCHC’s strategic priority on professional development; and identify appropriate initiatives, training and workshops as well as a plan for their implementation.

The definition and plan formulated in the workshop will be brought to the NCHC Board of Directors at the board’s summer 2017 meeting, and, if approved, will be used by council leadership for organizing and actualizing its strategic priority on professional development.

All expenses related to the workshop will be covered by the NCHC.

Nguyen, who joined the EKU faculty in 2003, is a professor of philosophy, director of the University’s Asian studies program, associate director of EKU Honors and coordinator of nationally competitive scholarships.

In 2014, Nguyen worked collaboratively with 30 faculty members from various academic departments to establish an interdisciplinary Asian studies program at EKU and serve as its first director.

As associate director of the honors program at EKU since 2013, Nguyen helps the director foster and assess the professional development and evaluation of faculty and staff; promote interdisciplinary collaboration and research within the program, across the University, and with other NCHC members; and promote and support EKU engagement in national initiatives related to honors education.