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An expert on crimes of power will address “Donald Trump, ‘Crimigration’ and the Future of Human Rights: An Alternative Vision” when he speaks at Eastern Kentucky University on Tuesday, March 28.

Dr. Raymond Michalowski, a Regents professor of criminal justice at Northern Arizona University, is featured as part of the Dean’s Speaker Series in EKU's College of Justice & Safety. His lecture, at 12:30 p.m. in Posey Auditorium of the Stratton Building, is open to the public.

According to his Northern Arizona bio, much of Michalowski’s career “has been focused on studying the relationships between law and justice on the one hand, and political and economic power on the other.”

His current research is centered, in part, on an “ethnographic exploration of the nature, goals and strategies of social action groups concerned with immigration along the Arizona-Mexico border” and possible violations of international law associated with the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Michalowski’s most recent work is “The Future of Immigration Policy under Trump,” published by the journal Social Justice. His other works include “Order, Law and Crime”; State Crime in the Global Age”: “Run for the Wall” and “State-Corporate Crime.” He is editor of the series, Critical Issues in Crime and Society, for Rutgers University Press.