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Through a partnership with Eastern Kentucky University, Devin Breedlove, a junior at EKU’s Manchester campus, will be working as an outreach and volunteer coordinator for the London Ranger District Office this summer.

EKU Regional LINC filters through EKU’s Office of Regional Stewardship to support the work and address the business and non-profit needs within the EKU service region while providing valuable field experience and student employment.

Breedlove, of London, is majoring in anthropology with a minor in psychology. She said she hopes to gain experience in teamwork and collaboration by working with others outside the classroom.

“I love talking to people and getting to know them,” Breedlove said. “I also love seeing it when a community comes together to help improve the community.”

Breedlove will build strategic relationships between the London Ranger District Office and local businesses, recruit volunteers and work with staff to identify volunteer projects and opportunities within the district.

LINC has successfully placed student interns with organizations throughout the service region, including Jackson Energy Cooperative, Shaping Our Appalachian Region (SOAR), Southern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, Harlan County Economic Development Authority and more. Interns may work both on site and remotely. For more information about the LINC program, contact Melissa Newman at