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When he was a student at Eastern Kentucky University, Ritchie Rednour served as president of the Student Government Association and student regent.

Rednour photoFifteen years later, he is still a leader, serving on the University’s Foundation Board.  And now the Powell County businessman has pledged $100,000 to establish the Ritchie Rednour Endowed Scholarship.

The scholarship will assist students from EKU’s service region who are in the final semester of their coursework, but need some additional assistance to complete their classes and earn their degree.

“I grew up poor, in a small southeastern Kentucky town,” Rednour said. “There weren’t a lot of opportunities. There weren’t a lot of success stories. EKU was my way out.

“It is hard to say where I would be today but for the grace of God and those who took me under their wing, mentored and guided me at EKU,” he added. “I took lessons not only from the classroom, but from campus life, and I learned how to become a successful entrepreneur and community leader. Creating a scholarship endowment is simply an avenue to give back to the place that has given me so much, and to maybe, just maybe, help give another poor kid from somewhere in Kentucky a chance for a leg up in life.”

Today, as an entrepreneur and real estate broker based in Clay City, Rednour owns and manages multi-family housing complexes and several other local businesses. He is active in local civic affairs, including his church, working with local groups and supporting mission efforts.

“We are extremely grateful for Ritchie’s generosity in establishing this new scholarship,” said Nick Perlick, vice president for development and alumni relations at EKU. “As a Foundation trustee, he embodies not only the story of our university and the way that we impact people’s lives, but also the philanthropic leadership that is central to our board. Ritchie truly leads by example.”