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The master’s degree program in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Eastern Kentucky University ranks among the nation’s best, according to two recent articles published by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP).

In one of the articles, the EKU program ranked 18th overall out of 69 such programs providing data, scoring 12th on faculty experience and 17th on student accomplishment. In another SIOP survey, Eastern ranked 15th in student perceptions of program culture and 12th in both student satisfaction and student perception of program resources.

“Our program curriculum is designed to align with SIOP Guidelines for Education and Training in Industrial Organizational Psychology, and we strive to provide a high-quality academic and professional experience for our students,” said Dr. Jaime Henning, coordinator of the master’s degree program in I-O Psychology. “What stands out to me more than our overall ranking based on objective outcomes is our rankings based on student perceptions. What these ratings indicate about our program is that students perceive we have a positive, supportive program culture, and provide them with the resources necessary to be successful students and professionals.”

The SIOP rankings were based on data from EKU’s on-campus program. “Our program is unique in the world of I-O Psychology master’s programs in that we have transitioned to a fully online program,” Henning noted. “I believe this demonstrates our initiative and dedication to engaging a wider audience of prospective students who are seeking a high-quality graduate-level education in I-O Psychology. The faculty in our program are confident we can continue to promote a positive, supportive culture in our online program.”

The online degree, Henning said, provides schedule flexibility and features identical or similar classes, taught by the same professors as the on-campus program. “By transitioning the degree online, we are better able to meet the needs of working adults with professional and family obligations. However, we also have several ‘traditional’ students who entered our program upon completion of their undergraduate degrees.”

Twenty-nine students are currently enrolled in the program, which is also ranked among the 25 Best Online Master’s in Psychology Degree Programs.

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