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BFA Application Guidelines

The Baccalaureate of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree prepares students for professional careers as artists, designers and art educators. Upon completion of a BFA degree, students will have gained a specialized knowledge of a variety of media and techniques, the ability to apply elements and principles of art and design, an awareness of the influence of perception and observation, and the ability to communicate ideas effectively and expressively. Students in the BFA degree program will have opportunities for in-depth study of various artistic media to advance their studio proficiency. Students will also apply critical and creative thinking through research, analysis, and writing to demonstrate an awareness of historical and contemporary concepts, theories, and styles across global cultures and time periods. Students will engage with professional practices and portfolio development.

The BFA degree is offered in the following Concentrations: Graphic Design, Studio Art, Teacher Education. Within the Studio Art Concentration students can specialize in one or more of the following media Ceramics, Jewelry/Metals, Painting, Photography and Printmaking. The information in this packet will aid you in preparing your application and explain the requirements of the BFA program. Please consult the current undergraduate catalog for specific entrance and degree requirements and consult the Chair of your chosen Concentration and/or media area for clarification of this process. The BFA degree is a professional track program that, in most cases, will require four years to complete. Application to BFA program is generally made in the first or second semester of the sophomore year, or first semester of the junior year.

*(Transfer students please check Supplemental Requirements for Transfer Students).

The deadline for submitting BFA applications will be posted each semester in Campbell and Roark Buildings and on the Departmentā€™s website.Ā 

BFA Admission Requirements

All students who are accepted by the Office of Admissions and wish to pursue a BFA degree are admitted to the University as a pre-BFA major and must select at least one Pre-BFA Concentration area from Graphic Design, Studio Art, or Teacher Education. Students are advised to consider their intended Concentration, and if choosing the Studio Art Concentration their media area/s (Ceramics, Jewelry and Metals, Painting, Photography, Printmaking), when choosing the Core and Upper Division Studio courses used to fulfill requirements for application to the BFA program. Students not accepted to a BFA degree program may re-apply at a later date, or pursue a Bachelor of Science in StudioĀ Art.

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