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High School Biology Teaching

Everyone needs to understand biology! We are living things. We interact with, depend upon, are attacked and parasitized by living things. We need to understand living systems, from the very tiny (such as viruses and bacteria) to ourselves to systems of millions of living things (such as a forest ecosystem or an ocean ecosystem).

There is a shortage of science teachers at the high school level. We need teachers who are committed to helping students indulge their curiosity and discover truths about the natural world!

The Biology Teaching degree program includes a solid core of biology courses which includes Cell and Molecular Biology, Ecology and Evolution, Genetics, Botany, Zoology, Microbiology and Human Physiology.

If you are receiving your teaching degree in another field, consider earning your teaching certification in a biology minor. This must be coupled with a secondary teaching certificate in another discipline to qualify students to teach biology at the secondary level.

For a complete list of courses you will need for this degree, check out our Biology Teaching Curriculum Planner.

If you have questions about becoming a biology teacher or receiving your Teaching Certification for Biology Minor, contact Dr. Bill Staddon in the Department of Biological Sciences or Dr. Krista Adams in the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership.