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Middle Grades Education

Middle Grade Education Undergraduate Programs

Middle Grade Education

Students seeking middle grade (5-9) certification must select two areas of emphasis from:

  • English and Communications
  • Mathematics
  • Science,
  • Social Studies
Four Year Plans for Middle Grades
Special Education- Learning and Behavior Disorders (LBD)

The LBD program (P-12) provides the certification to teach students with learning disabilities and behavior disorders AND a general Middle Grade Education certification. Dual certification in either elementary or middle grades education and LBD contributes to marketability because graduates are certificated to teach both special education (P-12) and general elementary or middles grades.


Choose one of the following Concentrations:


Special Education- Deaf and Hard of Hearing

The DHH program (P-12) prepares teachers elementary, middle, and high school students who have a range of hearing loss. In addition, it provides a second area of certification in elementary or in middle grades with a content emphasis (English, mathematics, science, or social studies).

Choose one of the following concentrations:
Additional Program Information
Upon completion of a degree, candidates will:

(1) demonstrate the broad general background knowledge, dispositions, and skills necessary to function as a literate, informed, active citizen, and to serve as a model for middle level students.

(2) demonstrate the pedagogical skills and content knowledge necessary to perform as effective middle level educators.

(3) demonstrate the appropriate dispositions to effectively meet the diverse needs of middle level students found in public schools.

Candidates earning a degree that leads to teacher certification must take the PRAXIS Series (Professional Assessments for Beginning Teachers) and PLT (Principles of Learning and Teaching) exams as a requirement for graduation. Candidates are encouraged to review the schedule for PRAXIS and PLT registration deadlines prior to beginning the senior year. Click HERE to review.

Specialty exams are required for each certification area sought and it may take more than one test date to complete all requirements. Candidates should confer with their education advisor/counselor to determine the most optimal time to take required exams. For additional information, candidates may also contact the EPSB Division of Professional Learning and Assessment at (859) 564-5778 or (888) 598-7667 (toll free).

Dr. Marie Manning

Dr. Marie Manning

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