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Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics and Statistics 5 Coffee Time and Colloquium Archives

Coffee Time and Colloquium Archives

Coffee Time Talks Before 2019

Fall 2018

Dr. Shane Redmond & Dr. Lisa Kay: An Exploration of a Possible Solution to Gerrymandering

Dr. Brandon Hibbard: Fractal Dimension

Dr. Amanda Ellis: How Bayesian Statistics Saved the Life of One Fisherman and What It Can Do for You

Spring 2018

Dr. Shane Redmond: Geometry and Gerrymandering

Dr. Buz Buskirk: Slide Rules: What They Are and How to Use Them

Dr. Joseph D. Fehribach: Kirchhoff Graphs and Chemistry

Fall 2017

Dr. Shane Redmond: Gerrymandering, Math, and the Supreme Court

Sierra Chugg, Dalton Hopper, Claire Crouch, Zachary Morgan, & Jenna Johnson: Student Panel: Academic Enrichment Activities

Dr. George Cobb, Professor Emeritus of Statistics: Why look for an antiderivative when your laptop can just play Monopoly?Markov Chain Monte Carlo as the second revolution in the 2500-year history of calculus

Spring 2017

Dr. Pat Costello: A Few of My Favorite Things

Jason Rollins: Minesweeper—NP or Not NP? That Is the Question

Dr. Rachel Bishop-Ross, Dr. Jason Gibson, Dr. Jeff Neugebauer, & Dr. Michelle Smith: Graduate School Panel

Fall 2016

Dr. Shane Redmond, Dr. Patti Costello, & Dr. Lisa Kay: The Modern Master’s Degree in Mathematics: What Does It Look Like?

Dr. Noah Aydin: The Legacy of Medieval Islamic Math and Science in the Modern World

Nathan Russell: The Mathematics of My Life and Industry

Spring 2016

Dr. Jeff Neugebauer: Fractional Calculus

Rebecca Thiem, Dr. Michelle Smith, & Dr. Lisa Kay: Do Study Halls Produce Valedictorians?

Dr. Benjamin Braun: Information about Applying to Graduate Programs in Mathematics

Fall 2015

Dr. Atilla Sit: Geometric Buildup Algorithm with Applications to Molecular Modeling

Dr. Kari Everett: Fractal Geometry: Geometry of Nature

Spring 2015

Deanna Pelfrey, Chris Phillips, & Chris Sears: Panel Presentation: Teaching Mathematics at a Community College

Dr. Jeff Neugebauer: An Introduction to Time Scales

Dr. Kirk Jones: Exploring Complex Power Series with Gaps

Fall 2014

Dr. Rachel Bishop-Ross, Dr. Kirk Jones, Dr. Jeff Neugebauer, Dr. Shane Redmond, Dr. Michelle Smith, & Dr. Steve Szabo: Graduate School Panel

Dr. Guy Brock: Beyond the t-test: Lessons Learned in the Life of One Humble Biostatistician

Dr. Rachel Bishop-Ross: Euler’s Theorem and Related Results

Spring 2014

Josh Sparks: Hyperpower to the Max! An E-Z Look at Tetrations and Their Maximization

Dr. Don Greenwell: The Odd Ball Problem and Mastermind

Fall 2013

Nathan Russell: A Few Real Abnormalities

Dr. Lisa Kay: This Ain’t Your Grandmother’s P-Value: Using Randomization-Based Methods to Introduce Inference

Dr. Shane Redmond: How I Tried to Beat Vegas: An Exercise in the Right and Wrong Ways to Use Probability

Spring 2013

Dr. Xiang-dong Hou: Sums of Reciprocals of Polynomials Over Finite Fields

Dr. Steven Dougherty: Japanese Ladders and Games

Dr. Jeff Neugebauer: Introduction to Fractional Calculus

Fall 2012

Dr. Yong Wang: R and Introductory Data Mining

Dr. Shawn Clift: Twin Primes

Dr. Daniel Mundfrom & Dr. Michelle Smith: The Effect of “Freebies” on Winning in Baseball

Spring 2012

Dr. Kirk Jones: How Much Wiggle Ya Got?

Dr. Steve Szabo: An Introduction to Algebraic Coding Theory

Dr. Daniel Mundfrom: The Game of Mousetrap: A Problem in Permutations

Dr. Cheryll Crowe: KenKen®

Fall 2011

Dr. Shane Redmond: Backgammon Quiz

Dr. Pat Costello: Breaking Up (Integers) Is Hard to Do, But Not for Euler

Dr. Mathew Cropper: Cook’s Paradox

Information on older talks available upon request. 

Colloquium Talks Before 2019

Spring 2018

Dr. Amanda Ellis: Inference from Mark-Recapture Models while Allowing for Uncertainty in Photographic Identification

Spring 2017

Ashish Srivastava: Some Steps Toward Cluster Superalgebras

Sarah King: Extending Difference of Votes Rules to Infinite Domains Without Neutrality or Anonymity

Fall 2016

Noah Aydin: Recent Results in Quasi-Twisted and Related Codes

Spring 2016

David Swart: An Elliptic Exploration

Tefjol Pllaha: Isometries of Additive Codes

Spring 2015

Nathan Russell: Conjectures and Known Properties of the Unknown Code

Wade Combs: The Cantor-Zassenhaus Method for Factoring Polynomials over Finite Fields

Christina Hollon: Existence of Positive Solutions of a Fractional Boundary Value Problem 

Dr. Anthony Hilton: Some Theorems and Conjectures About Extremal Nite Set Structures

Dr. Yuval Ginosar: Lipschitz Condition, Uniqueness, and Stability of Solutions of Differential Equations 

Fall 2014

 Jeffery Neugebauer: An Ordering on Green’s Functions for a Family of Two-Point Boundary Value Problems for Fractional Differential Equations.

Attila Sit: Distance Geometry in Protein Modeling

Allen Herman: Table Algebras Obtained From Graphs 

Mikhael Muzychuk: A Solution Of An Isomorphism Problem For Circulant Digraphs

Spring 2014

Yun Fan: Polyadic Constcyclic Codes

Ryan Whaley: Algorithms for Solving the Discrete Logarithm Problem

Shane Redmond: Locating Codes and Locating Numbers of Graphs

Shawn Clift: Dieudonne-Dwork Quotients

Fall 2013 

Dr. Banteng Xu: Varietal Terwilliger Algebras

Dr. James Ross: Languages accepted by automata with counters

Dr. Pat Costello: Tiling Squares With Big Holes With L-Trominoes

Spring 2013

Anthony Clark: Gaussian Amicable Pairs: “Friendly Imaginary Numbers”

Dr. Heide Gluesing-Luerssen: Duality and MacWilliams Identities in Coding Theory

Dr. Steven Dougherty: Foundations of Coding Theory as Pure Mathematics

Dr. Edgar Martinez-Moro: Public Key Cryptography based on Coding Theory

Fall 2012

Dr. Margaret Yoder: Bringing Research Into the Classroom

Dr. Michelle Smith: Multistate Start-up Demonstration Tests

Professor Guy Brock:  Competing Risks and Multi-state Models for Time-dependent Outcomes

Spring 2012

Dr. Sergio Lopez-Permouth: Measuring Modules: Alternative Perspectives in Module Theory

Dr. Chaoyuan Mary Liu: Operations on Nested Rectangles

Dr. Matthew Cropper: The Disconnection Number of a Graph

Dr. Shane Redmond: Cut Vertices and Isolated Vertices in Zero-Divisor Graphs

Fall 2011

Dr. Steve Szabo: Generalized Cyclic Convolutional Codes

Dr. Yong Wang: Prediction in Spatial Statistics

Dr. Jeffrey Neugebauer: An Introduction to Time Scales and an Application of a New Fixed Point Theorem

Information regarding older talks available upon request.