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Statistical Consulting Center

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Eastern Kentucky University has operated the Statistical Consulting Center since the fall semester of 2008. The Statistical Consulting Center (SCC) is a research support service that provides free statistical consulting services to fully affiliated faculty, staff, and students. It is staffed by statistics faculty, who are assisted by graduate students in the Applied Mathematics program.

Any graduate student or honors thesis student who deals with data in doing research is encouraged to seek the advice and assistance of consultants at the SCC. Even if the student carries out all of the statistical design and analysis work, it is worthwhile to discuss the project with a consultant from the SCC to check on the validity of the research design, adequacy of the sample size, appropriateness of the statistical model, and accuracy and reliability of the results.

To make an appointment, please fill out the consultation request form. Note that appointments can be scheduled only during the fall and spring semesters when Eastern Kentucky University is in session. A student must obtain permission from the relevant advisor before receiving assistance from the SCC. In fact, it is recommended that the advisor join the student in meeting with the SCC consultant.

Contact information:

Dr. Michelle Smith
Office:  Wallace 317
Mailbox: Wallace 313
Phone: 859-622-1926



The Statistical Consulting Center (SCC) is an educational and service unit in Eastern Kentucky University’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics that is staffed by faculty and graduate students. We provide advice, project management, data management, and statistical analysis for the university.


The SCC has two goals:

Research Collaboration
To encourage collaborative research between statisticians and investigators from other disciplines by providing high-quality statistical input.

To train statisticians to interact effectively with investigators from other disciplines.