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Bachelor’s of Music in Music Education

The Core Music program at EKU is designed to train students to be professional musicians. Students learn about music theory, history, conducting, and technology, while improving their skills through private lessons, performing in recitals, large ensembles and chamber groups. Students synthesize the entrepreneurial and career development nature of the music industry.

The Bachelor’s of Music in Music Education is designed to prepare students for teaching music in all genres and at all levels. Students develop new knowledge regarding the pedagogy, philosophy, and application of music teaching. This degree leads to initial licensure as a certified educator in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Graduates are hired as elementary music educators, band, choir or orchestra directors, or pursue graduate studies in music performance, conducting, administration, or education. The education program prepares students to teach music, no matter the context, across the industry.

Designed for Teachers

  • Entrepreneurship and career development focus
  • Certification in all areas of music education
  • No summer courses
  • Degree completion in 4 years
  • Expert faculty with P-12 experience, individualized instruction
  • Free textbooks
  • Customizable: Student teach abroad, focus on your desired area of study
  • Relevant coursework: Applied, ensembles, pedagogy, theory, musicology, technology, assessment, behavior modification.

Core Music

Music Theory (3 credits over 5 semesters) 15
Applied Music (1 credit over 7 semesters) 7
Major Ensembles (1 credit over 7 semesters) 7
Music History (2 credits over 3 semesters) 6
Class Piano (1 credit over 4 semesters) 4
Entrepreneurship and Career Development (2 courses) 3
Chamber Ensembles (over 2-4 semesters) 2
Conducting 2
Half Recital 0
Performance Class (over 6 semesters) 0


Music Education

Methods (1 credit for 6 classes) 
(guitar/ukulele/recorder, voice, brass, woodwinds, strings, percussion)

Music Pedagogy (Classroom, Ensemble, Technology) 6
Intermediate Conducting and Error Detection 3
Survey of Music Technology 2
Marching Band (2 credits over 2 semesters) 2


Foundations of Education 3
Human Development 3
Introduction to Special Education 3
Differentiation 3
Teaching Content Reading 3
Assessment 2
Curriculum Design 1
Classroom and Behavior Management 1

Clinical Experiences

Clinical I & II (30 hours over 2 semesters) 0
Clinical III (45 hours in elementary general music) .5
Clinical IV (45 hours in a secondary ensemble) .5
Clinical V (80 hours in a different secondary ensemble) 1
Student Teaching (70 days split between elementary general and secondary ensemble) 9

General Education

1 – Communication (3 courses) 9
2 – Quantitative Reasoning 3
3 – Arts and Humanities (2 courses) 6
4 – Natural Sciences (2 courses) 6
5 – Social / Behavioral Sciences (2 courses) 6
6 – Diversity (2 courses) 6
Student Success Seminar 3

School of Music

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Foster 101
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: 859-622-3266

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