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Master of Music in Music Conducting

The Music Masters program at EKU is designed to be flexible. Students can pursue a traditional in-person path in conducting and performance, a 100% online, asynchronous path education degree for in-service teachers, or a flexible hybrid performance or conducting path to further your skills while still teaching. Contact us to find the path for you!

The Master of Music Conducting is designed for educators to achieve deeper and new knowledge into conducting and error-detection, with a focus on developing administrative, musical, and teaching skills in a real-world lab environment. Students have significant podium-time and one to one interactions with experts in the field.

Designed for Conductors

  • In-person, individual one-to-one instruction
  • Significant podium time
  • Conduct the EKU bands, choirs, or orchestra
  • Options to work with Marching Colonels and Maroon Machine planning and logistics
  • Options to work with music theater
  • Assist with undergraduate conducting instruction
  • Opportunities outside your area of concentration
  • Hone your ear-training skills
  • Relevant coursework: Pedagogy, music literature, applied lessons, music leadership, behavior modification, research, theory, and musicology.

Corporate Partnerships

EKU has corporate partnerships with about half of Kentucky school districts. This program provides in-service teachers reduced tuition of $350 / credit hour. This is reduced from $583 / credit hour standard resident graduate tuition. To check if your district has a partnership with EKU, contact your local supervisor or visit the Corporate Partners website.

Music Core

MUS 873 Music in Society 3
MUS 898 Research in Music 3
MUS 887 Analytical Techniques 3
MUS 896 / 7 / 9* Project, Recital or Thesis 3



MUS 8__ Applied Conducting Lessons (1 credit for 3 semesters) 3
MUS 756 Choral Music Literature 3
MUS 757 Symphonic and Wind Band Music Literature 3
MUS 701 Music Leadership 2
MUS 881 Seminar in Choral Conducting 1
MUS 882 Seminar in Instrumental Conducting 1
  Electives 5


Course Sequence

Start here if you start in an even year.

Fall 2024

(even years)

MUS 887: Analytical Techniques (3) OR Elective (3)
MUS 8__: Applied Lessons (1)
MUS 757: Symphonic and Wind Band Literature (3)
MUS 881: Seminar in Choral Conducting (1)
Elective (1)

Spring 2025

(odd years)

MUS 898: Research in Music (3)
MUS 701: Music Leadership (2) OR MUS 897: Recital (3)
MUS 8__: Applied Lessons (2)
MUS 8__: Ensemble (1) GRD 857: Exit Requirement (0)
MUS 750: Teaching Techniques (1)
Start here if you start in an odd year.

Fall 2025

(odd years)

MUS 887: Analytical Techniques (3) OR Elective (3) *graduate assistants only
MUS 8__: Applied Lessons (1)
MUS 756: Choral Literature (3)
MUS 882: Seminar in Instrumental Conducting (1)
Elective (1)

Spring 2026

(even years)

MUS 873: Music in Society (3)
MUS 701: Music Leadership (2) OR MUS 897: Recital (3)
MUS 8__: Applied Lessons (1)
Elective (3) GRD 857: Exit Requirement (0)

School of Music

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