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By Mikayla Estepp, EKU Regional Stewardship

Eastern Kentucky University’s Regional Liaison for Improving Networks and Connections (LINC) has partnered with “Believe in Clay,” to hire an intern to improve its capabilities in EKU’s service region. “Believe in Clay” is a multi-organizational entity that promotes tourism, community development and image in Manchester and Clay County. 

“We don't want to work in opposition of each other,” said Amy Dunzweiler, Tourism Commissioner. “Instead, we want to show support of one other.” 

Believe in Clay has partnered with many organizations in the area to support the needed work provided by EKU interns. Partners include Manchester/Clay County, Manchester Tourism Commission, United States Forest Service, Cumberland Valley Health Department, Healthy Clay, Stay in Clay, Eastern Kentucky University and many others. 

The intern was hired with the purpose of creating a unified digital presence, developing a social media platform for tourism, positive stories, and events & activities the different groups are hosting. 

“By creating a digital footprint that captures all that Clay County and Manchester has to offer, it will in-turn increase tourism, increase internet traffic flow and show the world all the good that is going on here,” Dunzweiler said. 

The internship benefits Clay County and the EKU interns working on the project, helping them develop skills and build work experience. 

Kentucky’s Senate President Robert Stivers (R-Manchester), a Clay County native and long-time supporter of EKU’s Manchester programs, believes partnership projects like “I Believe in Clay” are a step in the right direction. 

“This project and the partnerships that have developed are a few more ways we can share good news happening in Clay County,” Stivers said. “Good news stories are all around us. Finding those stories and reporting them is important work as we show the world and remind ourselves that our community is doing good things.”

For more information about EKU’s Regional LINC or Believe in Clay, contact the Regional Stewardship Coordinator at Eastern Kentucky University, Maggie Bill, at