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Colonels Now FAQ

What is Colonels Now?

Colonels Now is a 6 week summer program in which students take classes and receive support to make a smooth transition to college. Students will take classes such as SOC 131, STA 215, ENG 101, GEO 210, CMS 100 that will give them a head-start on their degree. Additionally, students participate in activities and events at night so they can make friends and adjust to college life before their fall semester begins.

When do I attend New Student Orientation?

Orientation will take place over the summer. Colonels Now registrants should attend an Orientation date in May or June 2023. Colonels Now students should register for Placement Testing before their Orientation date. Orientation details are posted here.

Do I have to register for the Colonels Now Program to participate?

Yes, students do have to register for the program. Registration information will be posted in Spring 2023.

What are the benefits?

You will take classes that are required of all freshmen. Students say the summer program helps ease their transition into college and makes it far easier to adjust in the fall. Students can get ahead in their major!

How long is the program?

The six-week 2023 Colonels Now program runs from July 3-August 11, 2023.

How will I schedule my courses?

Most of the summer courses will be pre-registered for students in order to secure their spot in the class by Aaron Baker. Before orientation, students will receive their summer schedule and create their fall schedule.

What is the cost?

Students participating in Colonels Now will receive free summer housing and meals for the duration of the Colonels Now program but are responsible for the tuition of their courses and any applicable fees. This amounts to around $2,400 per student. Student’s 2022-2023 FAFSA information could qualify students for grants or loans that make Colonels Now even more affordable.

Where will I live?

Colonels Now students will live in Clay Hall.

How much does housing cost?

Colonels Now students will pay $600 for housing.

How do I pay for housing?

Colonels Now students can pay for housing out of pocket or use financial aid.

How much does the meal plan cost?

Colonels Now students will pay $500 for a meal plan. This will include 75 meal swipes for Monday-Friday and $50 Dining Dollars. (Students that stay on campus on the weekends will be responsible for their own meals. Case Dining hall will not be open on the weekend. Please watch the video about Clay Hall amenities for more information about kitchen access.)