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Middle School Honor Bands

DATE: Tuesday, March 11, 2025

Final Performance: Tuesday, March 11, 2025

EKU is proud to announce its 2025 Middle School Honor Bands! We are excited to host the event on EKU’s “Campus Beautiful” in the Foster Music Building and Brock Auditorium. Students will have the opportunity to work with inspiring clinicians, as well as our talented EKU students in preparation for a public concert Friday evening.

Nomination Process

Honor Band students are nominated by their middle school band director. EKU then accepts the most talented students based on a ranking formula from across all schools. Students are then asked to register for the event. Below are instructions for Middle School Band Directors.

EKU Middle School Honor Band Nomination Form

  1. Please nominate no more than 30% of your total concert/symphonic band personnel.
  2. Each band member nominated must be able to positively contribute to literature of a Grade II+ level.
  3. Please rank your nominations in “rank order” regardless of instrument [i.e. strongest band member = Rank #1 nomination].
  4. Please be instrument specific (alto saxophone, not saxophone).
  5. Please ensure that if selected, your nominees WILL PARTICIPATE March 11, 2025.
  6. Please ensure the possible band members are aware of any financial obligations which they might have to assume [$30 tuition, housing, & meals).
  7. Please submit your nomination via the Nomination Grid [MS Excel] and return to Dr. Wiggins at
  8. Please return the nomination form by email no later than Monday, February 10, 2025.

After students are nominated, EKU will contact directors and students regarding their acceptance no later than February 17, 2025.

Cancellations: PLEASE notify Dr. Wiggins if an accepted student cannot attend. Please do not substitute. We will reach out to the first alternate to fill the seat.

Student Guidelines and Schedule

  1. A member of the band program at home institution
  2. Contribute positively and grow musically from the experience
  3. Be well-prepared on the music
  4. Timely: 1) Prompt and warmed-up; 2) “On site” 15 minutes prior to rehearsal; and 3) In seat and prepared 5 minutes prior to rehearsal
  5. Attentive and fully-engaged for all rehearsals
  6. Dressed appropriately [what you would wear at your school] for performance
  7. Positively represent home institution and the EKU Honor Band
  8. Bring their instrument, all appropriate accessories, and a folding music stand.

Students should label all instruments, music stands, and accessories with their name and school. EKU does not assume liability for lost, misplaced, or broken instruments.

Event Schedule TBA (December 2024)

Arrival and Parking

EKU Parking Map

  • Crabbe Street ParkMobile Lot across from the Foster building. Parking is $5.50 for the day. Parking is free after 5:00pm.
  • Buses/Vans: If you are bringing a bus or a large school van, day parking is available in the Alumni Coliseum lot.

Tuition, Meals, and Housing

  • Tuition for the EKU Middle School Honor Band Festival is $30. EKU accepts checks or cash. Please make checks payable to “EKU Bands.”
  • Meals are the responsibility of the individual attendees. There are many places to eat in Richmond, and several within walking distance of rehearsal spaces: Case Kitchen (all-you-can-eat $9.50 +tax), Chick-Fil-A, Moe’s, Panda Express, Subway, Starbucks, and Einstein Brothers Bagels. IMPORTANT: All on campus dining is cashless.
  • You may prepay lunch and dinner at Case Kitchen during registration for an additional $20 per person.
  • Directors and or Parent/Guardians are responsible for travel and securing lodging. Richmond has several hotels in the area. Supervision of students during the evenings is the responsibility of the band/orchestra director and [or] appointed supervisor(s) from each school.

School of Music

521 Lancaster Avenue
Foster 101
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: 859-622-3161

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